Proctor on Proctor

This is from the group interview he did earlier today. I wasn’t there for it, but Padilla was.

“To me, it sounds like an excuse and that’s the hardest part for me,” Proctor said. “Bottom line, I don’t care how bad you’re hurt it’s just about execution. I don’t like how this thing looks right now but you have to take it how it is.
“Right now all I care about is the respect of my teammates and my coaches. As long as those guys understand this situation that’s all that matters because those are the guys that battle together every day.”

This is Torre:

“You ask if anything was bothering him and he’d say, ‘I’m all right,’ ” Torre said. “That would be the answer. You love him for his heart and he has a belly full of guts and all that stuff but he doesn’t always make the right choices.”

This is Proctor again:

“I don’t like talking about injuries,” Proctor said. “I wanted to go my entire career without going on the DL and unfortunately now that’s lost. Right now I can focus on getting healthy and getting right, that way I can take the ball every time.”

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