Proctor placed on DL, Brian Falkenborg promoted

Not sure what the injury is, but what I can tell you is that we were originally told he was being optioned to Las Vegas. I’m not sure what’s behind that, because we haven’t talked to anyone yet, but rest assured we will. … Falkenborg has 13 saves at Vegas and a 3.60 ERA in 32 relief appearances. He isn’t on the 40-man, so to clear a spot, the club moved Gary Bennett to the 60-day DL, which is significant for Bennett because it means he isn’t coming back anytime soon. According to my very quick math, July 18 will be the day he becomes eligible.

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  • Yeager

    Proctor’s injury: broken spirit.

  • Yeager

    and I don’t think we’ll be seeing Bennett again, there are lots of catchers available who know how to throw the ball back to the pitcher.

  • D’Accardo42

    Now how much money does Ned “The Gnat” have on the DL?

  • Craig Phillips

    Poor Proctor. I like the guy, and he has good stuff, but he’s definitely been off all year. Maybe this is what he needs, although I’d think a subsequent rehab stint in the minors would be more important. But the best news is Bennett, sad to say.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Torre’s comments about his hitter’s “approach” at the plate are not only misguided and inaccurate but they’re foolish as well. What is he saying? “Kemp would be hitting .320 with 12 HRs and 65 RBIs if he’d only take more pitches?” .290 with 45 RBIs batting ALL OVER THE GODDAMN PLACE looks pretty good to me.

    Look, I watch every AB of every game (it’s my job actually). Jeff Kent has had more bad ABs than any starter in that convoluted excuse for a lineup card Torre puts out each night and his stats bear that out. Not to mention what I’ve seen with my own eyes that the stats don’t show.

    Mark Sweeney is either finished or doesn’t want to be in LA anymore. Pierre is an AWFUL lead-off hitter who refuses to bunt, slap or walk to get on base. Clearly the Veterans on this team aren’t getting the message, but it’s not like Ned Colletti is sending one.

    If the hitters aren’t understanding the concept, why does Mike Easler still have a job? I’m sure he’s a hard worker, a good person and was a good hitter in his day, but this is a results-oriented business is it not?

    I could go on, but baseball is a marathon, so as a fan/blogger I have to pace myself and have PATIENCE at the computer! ūüėČ

  • El Lay Dave

    So we go from the guy whose name rhymes with doctor to the guy whose name sounds like a doctor.

    I agree generally with TeamHasHoles. Regarding “patience” and “approach”, from the Dodger Thoughts comments:

    21. StolenMonkey86 2008-06-25 16:34:26
    To be fair, “Swinging at Bad Pitches” may be better measured by out-of-zone swing percentage than with P/PA. Yeah Kemp, the raw kid, swings at a lot of balls, but look who else is high among the regulars – yup, Pierre and Kent.

    O-Swing% from Fangraphs, 2008
    Martin: 20.26%
    Furcal: 23.78%
    Loney: 25.87%
    Ethier: 26.28%
    Kent: 27.74%
    DeWitt: 27.87%
    Pierre: 29.19%
    Kemp: 33.65%

    Frame of reference:
    O-Swing%, 2008
    Vlad Guerrero: 44.07%
    Jeff Francoeur: 36.43%
    Chipper Jones: 14.23%
    Jack Cust: 10.18%

  • dumkopf

    Everybody but McCourt now knows his GM and Field Manager are the dumbest boobs in baseball. Or does he get that title?

  • TeamHasHoles

    McCourt is ANYTHING but a boob… He’s the owner of one of the grestest franchises in all of sports. He’s reaping the P.R. benefits of that and he’s making money hand over fist.

    People who pay all that money to go to that stadium to see that team play are infinitely more boobish than McCourt.

  • Tony Jackson

    D’Accardo, since you asked, and since I have it handy, it’s $70.033 million in 2008 salary, and portions of signing bonuses to be paid out in 2008, presently on the DL

  • ebbetsfld

    Proctor down, Sweeney to go.
    None of the three are dumb, but Joe and Ned show far too much allegiance to people who don’t produce on a regular, ongoing basis.
    I just don’t understand how Stan Conte keeps his job as more and more players go on the DL and he seemingly has no clue that there’s a problem when their performance has made it patently clear that something’s been wrong for an extended period! Next we’ll hear that Sweeney’s been fighting some malady since April but has been trying to “play himself out of it”. To my mind he’s only succeeded in playing himself out of a job!
    Let’s kick some ChiSox butt tonight.