Proctor really is hurt

OK, this is going to sound like a manager covering his player’s rear end, but after listening to Torre’s explanation for the Proctor issue and checking it out with another source, it appears that what Torre said in his pregame media session is legit. Basically, Joe admitted that the original plan with Proctor was to option him to Vegas, and apparently, Proctor was willing to go, but after continuing to press him on the issue of his physical health, only then did Proctor admit that there was a problem with his elbow.
“I know it sounds like he just did that to keep from going to the minor leagues,” Torre said. “But I checked with (trainer) Stan (Conte), and I think he had the same conversation with (Proctor) late last night.”
Torre went on to say that Proctor isn’t the type of pitcher to admit — either to his manager or to himself — that he is hurt.
“Scotty is that guy who figures that even in spite of it, he can go out and get people out,” Torre said.
Torre said Proctor was even willing to accept the option and go to Vegas and pitch hurt, but that club officials weren’t going to allow him to do that.
So there you have it. That’s it from me for a while. Padilla is covering the game tonight while I work on some other stuff. I’ll check in with a recap when it’s over.