White Sox something, Dodgers nothing

Can’t believe THIS lineup didn’t score. Dodgers left at least one runner on base in each of the first seven innings, then went without a whimper over the final two. Three times, the Dodgers got a man to third with less than two outs. Obviously, they didn’t score any of them. Forget about the standings, because if this team doesn’t learn situational hitting, it’s not going anywhere. Snakes are idle today, so the boys fall 3 1/2 back, and their record falls to 36-42. Starting to look like a long summer, folks.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    Don’t worry… Ned will wait until either Arizona has at least a 10-game lead on them or when Andruw loses 20 more pounds before he does something… whichever comes first. ūüėČ

  • Yeager

    I don’t believe in giving up before the all-star break, but this is discouraging. Somebody hit the #@**&&$$ ball!

  • KevinS

    Personally I think that young Clayton is trying to do too good a job at locating his fastball while putting as much on it as possible. When he does this he loses control of the fastball and ends up throwing too many pitches outside the strike zone. I also feel that he’s not relying on his fielders as much as he should because he’s not used to having the best glovesmen behind him. Part of what made Stults so successful last night was his ability to mix the speed of his fastball and keep it in the strike zone while mixing in his changeup, and keeping both pitches in the zone. Clayton isn’t pitching right now and appears more to be just throwing the ball. And I’m sorry to say this, but if this keeps up, he could be in a world of mental grief in no time flat… so I hope somebody takes him under their wing and tells him the fact of life about pitching in the big leagues real quickly… ’cause whatever he’s doing isn’t working… and it’s getting worse.

    Kid needs to focus on throwing strikes, mixing his speeds and pitches while relying on his fielders. As Kevin Kennedy would say, “pitch to contact”. He’s not doing that right now and his pitch count suffers because of it.

  • rjthrelkeld

    Can we blame the kids for this one or should I fault Jeff Kent?

  • Denton True

    The Dodgers deserve to be 3 1/2 games out of first place about as much as Tony Jackson belongs on “Dancing with the Stars” (seriously, I’ve seen him attempt to mambo). The Dodgers are going to continue to tease us by staying close in an awful division and will be buyers at the trade deadline rather than sellers with a chance to dump some vets. This will give Ned the chance to make some really, really bad trades for overpriced vets.

  • El Lay Dave

    Denton True – yeah, I can’t wait to see which middle reliever(s) Colletti collects in exchange for De Jesus and/or Hu.

    What was really discouraging was watching Russell Martin, who has a .400+ OBP because he DOES not what he’s doing at the plate, have two pretty poor PAs in those early innings when he had two runners on. Game was pretty ugly for the White Sox too, but they did scratch out the two runs while the Boys in Blue did not.

    HATED the 2-for-1 switch with Kemp with two innings to go. HELLO? Down two to start the eighth and you lift the team RBI leader and a guy that could hit a home run (in two innings the 9th guy due up could easily be up in the 9th as the tying or go-ahead run, instead of making that switch with Pierre (due up 8th), or Maza who was due up 7th (bring Young into 2B)?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I’m sure that Kershaw is getting all the advice he needs. Let’s not forget that he’s 20 years old and barely two years removed from high school.

    I’m sure Clayton is listening, and certain that he’s trying to incorporate all he’s been told into his arsenal. But try as he might, that kind of stuff doesn’t come overnight, and we are just going to have to exercise patience. What we are seeing from Kershaw is all the stuff that usually occurs out of our sight in the minor leagues. He’s learning on the big stage in full sight of everyone. Billingsley came up in 2006 with quite a bit more professional experience than Kershaw, and is only now beginning to put it together (although he’s still a ways off from being a polished pitcher).

    Some might argue that Kershaw would best be served by being sent down to the minors to continue his development. I’m not one of them. Kershaw seems to have his head on straight, and I’m not worried that his current struggles will cause him any harm. If anything, I believe those struggles will prove to be of long term benefit in his development. Maybe we’ll see improvement as this season progresses, or perhaps he will internalize all that he’s learned, and come into spring training next year far better prepared to face big league hitters. And when he comes into spring training next year, Kershaw will not only have the benefit of a wealth of experience at the big league level, but he will also be older, wiser and more physically mature. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him add a tick or two to his fastball, not to mention better command of all his pitches.

    As close as they are, I believe the Dodgers should be playing out this year with an eye towards next year. Kent, who will not be back next year (thank goodness) should be relegated to bench duty, and every attempt should be made to move him between now and the trade deadline. He might be of value to an American League team in need of a DH. And I wouldn’t worry about what could be gotten in return. Just clearing the space is good enough. Whatever vets that can be moved should be moved.

    Because I believe their range is suspect, I don’t know if LaRoche or DeWitt could be the long term answer at 2B. But whatever the case, I would like to see both of them be given some time at the position. From what I’ve seen so far, Russell Martin could be a long term option at 3B, provided the Dodgers could obtain or develop a top notch catcher to replace him (Yadier Molina comes to mind, but he would probably be next to impossible to obtain or very expensive). In any case, LaRoche and DeWitt should both be playing to enhance their value to the Dodgers or to other teams as potential chips in a trade. And unlike last year when the Dodgers never truly got a good read on their young talent, they need to go into this offseason with a better handle on what they have going ahead, and whether or not they have to tap the free agent market this coming winter.