Good news all around …

… even if it’s delivered with crossed fingers and held breath. … Rafael Furcal, Andruw Jones and Nomar Garciaparra all are scheduled to begin minor-league rehabilitation assignments on Monday at Las Vegas, and Furcal and Garciaparra are expected for now to rejoin the team in time for the final homestand of the first half, which begins a week from Monday. Jones is expected for now to rejoin the team in time for the start of the second half on July 18 at Arizona. His rehab will be split into two segments, the first four days to test his knee and make sure it holds up to the stress, then a three-day break back in Los Angeles, then eight more days at Vegas to get his swing back in midseason form. … Jason Schmidt will start his second rehab assignment by pitching for Las Vegas tonight at Fresno. His previous assignment was spent entirely with Single-A Inland Empire. He’ll throw 45 pitches. … Brad Penny will NOT throw a simulated game tomorrow, but he will throw a bullpen, as will Hiroki Kuroda, and Kuroda might even pitch batting practice to one or two batters.

Finally, here’s today’s lineup

LF Pierre
CF Kemp
C Martin
2B Kent
1B Loney
3B LaRoche
RF Young
SS Berroa
RH Park

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  • Buddy

    More good news…the LA City Council announced today a free shuttle service from Union Station to Dodger Stadium for all home games starting 7/25. This is welcome news but way overdue. Hopefully, it will gain enough ridership this time around.

  • Buddy

    Of course, on the bad news end, Juan Pierre and the man who signed him, Ned Colletti, will still be Dodgers at that time. Hence, it might not be worth a trip to the Stadium, at all. Logan White for GM!

  • Buddy

    Waning more on the shuttle from Union Station. Just learned that the city is footing the entire bill for the service. According to Dodger rep., Howard Sunkin, “We’re not in the public transit business. Government is in the public transit business.” This speaks volumes to me about the Dodgers organization. The Dodgers are looking to maximize on their bottom line for parking and are not genuinely interested in serving the community, especially the underserved who cannot normally afford the cost of attending a Dodger game. So good for public/private partnerships to support the community.

    Arte Moreno is sounding better everyday.

  • TeamHasHoles

    I wonder what Torre thought of Jeff Kent’s approach at the plate in the 3rd with two in scoring position when he struck out on a pitch that could have hit him in the ankle.

    ..and what was Andy LaRoche thinking? Bunting with the bases loaded and 2 out against a LEFTY? I’m a fan of our kids but that was unacceptable stupidity.

  • Yeager

    A three-run homerun! I remember those!