Dodgers 1, Angels 0: this is NOT a no-hitter

The rule is that it doesn’t go into the books as a no-no if the visiting team no-hits the home team for eight innings in a game the home team wins without batting in the bottom of the ninth. There are all kinds of rules, such as rain-shortened games, extra-inning games, etc. But basically, the only way to get credit for a no-hitter is to no-hit a team for at least nine innings and win the game. This is the first one of these in the majors since Matt Young did it for Boston at Cleveland on April 12, 1992, with the Indians winning 2-1. By that time, Young had been converted into a serviceable starter, several years after he had been a horrendous closer for the Dodgers. … Anyhoo, what got lost in the way Jered Weaver pitched tonight was the fact that Chad Billingsley absolutely DOMINATED in what statistically was his best outing of the season. This marked the third time he has thrown seven shutout innings, all three of them coming in the past six weeks, but he allowed four hits each of the first two times. Tonight, he allowed only three, and struck out seven. He did walk three, but obviously, none of them came back to haunt him. He was helped by two spectacular plays in RF by Andre Ethier, one a running grab of a ball hit up the gap by Howie Kendrick with a man on first in the seventh inning, taking away what probably would have been an RBI double. He also made a great play to cut off a ball that was heading toward the corner in the sixth and gunned down Erick Aybar trying to stretch it into a double. Then, in the ninth, Luis Maza, who had just entered defensively for Jeff Kent to start the inning, made an unbelievable diving stop of a grounder to his left by Casey Kotchman, and Maza needed every inch of stretch he could get out of his body and his arms to get to it. He got up and threw Kotchman out. … Also lost in all the oddities of this game was the fact the Dodgers have now won an interleague series for just the second time in the past three seasons, and they also won their first series against any team other than the Cincinnati Reds since taking two of three at Milwaukee May 13-15. First back-to-back shutouts for the boys since May 29-30, 2007, with both of those coming at Washington. … Dodgers improve to 38-42 and stay 2 1/2 behind the Snakes.

  • Buddy

    This is by far the most embarrassing win I’ve ever seen. The Dodgers shouldn’t even be celebrating after this. I’m almost astounded as to how bad this team offense is, unbelievable!

  • KevinS

    Buddy… how can you even call yourself a baseball fan?

  • Buddy

    “Fan” is an inherent derivative of the word fanatic, which I am not. I’m more of an interested observer as I liked the Dodgers since I was a kid.

    Whenever I watch a game, I usually watch it pretty critically, examine why a pitcher throws certain pitches in certain situations, determine where position players align themselves defensively, and pay attention to how batters approach at-bats.

    Last night’s performance was just incredible. In today’s day in age, I find it pretty inexcusable to get no hits unless a pitcher completely dominates a team. Weaver was very good but not brilliant. I have no doubt if they had players who focus on getting on base and driving the ball, the Dodgers wouldn’t be the team they are. (I don’t care where they sit in the standings at this point). It’s just about murderous for me to watch Pierre, Kent, do walk up to the batter’s box and fail to do fundamental things. On the other hand, the pitching has been great and there is hope for the future with Martin, Kemp, Loney, et all. I just think Logan White is better than Colletti in recruiting those types of players. I have no doubt Logan should be the GM so that the Dodgers can match their pitching excellence with a productive offense.

  • Buddy
  • Buddy

    For whatever reason, the aforementioned link did not work at all. Check out the post-game link by Inside Edge. Billingsley had an A rating for last night’s game while the Dodgers received a D-.

  • rthlshrtbrkr

    on the ken burns baseball documentary, it is explained that the word “fan” could have also been a derivative of the word “fancier.” you can still be a fan, buddy.

    i agree that the offense isn’t so hot, but if you’ve been a long-time dodger fan, you should come to expect that. isn’t there an old saying about wills getting on base with a walk, getting moved over on a bunt, stealing third, and coming in on a sacrifice fly?
    the rest was left to koufax and drysdale, and the dodgers would win 1-0. too bad we don’t have a koufax or drysdale.

  • KevinS

    Yes Buddy… it’s an ugly win. But as a critical observer, you need to pull yourself away and enjoy the fact that you witnessed baseball history in the making. Fanatic or not, this was something special to witness. Do you enjoy this aspect of the game of baseball or, is it all moneyball for you?

    To me, I can still find enjoyment in watching the game even if I’m disgusted in the fact the team isn’t hitting… it doesn’t mean I like it… but if we’re going to be no-hit, then this is the way to do it! The baseball gods were on our side for once. As a fan, I find enjoyment in the game and am intelligent enough to still be critically aware of the teams’ performance. It keeps me sane and my love of the game in tact.