Pierre to DL for first time in his career, Repko to majors for first time this season

JP has a sprained MCL in his left knee. That’s what the MRI showed. Doesn’t sound like something that will keep him out for a long period, but I’m not a doctor, so that’s just a guess. Also just a guess: Repko probably leading off tonight, but the lineup isn’t here yet.

  • The_Great_Arcade_Fire

    Pierre would have never gotten hurt If he was our 4th outfielder like he should be. BUT since he isn’t this will work just fine. At least we get a break from watching Pierre try to lead off.

  • Bad Monkey

    Great Dodgers finally come to visit Houston and I get to see the great Dodger Jason Repko. Yippie. Oh well this is going to be the only 4 Dodger games I get this year. GO DODGERS

  • snuffy02

    The Vero Beach Curse continues–now to Pierre who’s never been on the DL. Dodgers now have over $80 million in payroll on the DL. The VB Curse lives!

  • TeamHasHoles

    So that’s almost $80 million on the DL, Tony?

  • Tony Jackson

    Something like that. It’s late, I took a redeye last night, and I’m too tired to do the math.

  • Dave R.

    Nice work by Repko last night. Only a balk saves him from striking out five times. Then he misplays a fly ball. Solid effort.