Pierre to miss four to six weeks

As Joe Torre said, it could have been a lot worse. JP should be able to start doing some form of exercise in about six days. Meanwhile, Matt Kemp is out tonight, and possibly tomorrow as well, with an infection in his right eye. He couldn’t get his contact lens in this morning. And Angel Berroa, who went 4 for 28 on the homestand, also is sitting. … Finally, an I call ’em or what? Repko leading off.

CF Repko
RF Ethier
C Martin
2B Kent
1B Loney
LF Young
3B DeWitt
SS Maza
LH Stults

  • El Lay Dave

    So this is what the Dodger season has become. Jason Repko goes from “5th OF if Delwyn Young wasn’t out of options” (at best) to “immediately recalled to lead off against Roy Oswalt.” (At least Oswalt has been mediocre, actually approaching Pennyesque, this year.)
    Open note to Joe Torre: you have a player on your roster with a .404 OBP and some speed that could leadoff until one hopes Furcal will be back. Try to think a little bit out of the box.

  • Denton True

    Fate saves Torre from himself

  • snuffy02

    The Vero Beach Curse has put the hurt on McCourt’s sad, lifeless, hitless, hapless Dodgers (salaries per year on the DL):

    Pierre $10 mill
    Fatso Jones $18 mill
    Nomar $7 mill
    Furcal &15 mill
    Penny $10 mill
    Kuroda $5 mill
    Proctor $4 mill
    Bennett $1 mill
    Schmidt $13 mill

    Total: $83 mill


  • Brooklyn Dodger

    El Lay,

    Russell Martin in the lead off spot actually makes some sense. Actually, I’ve thought for a long time that he would be a perfect #2 guy, all the time.

    Repko apparently got the job tonight because of his speed. I like speed at the top of the lineup, but given that Repko doesn’t have much of a history of getting on base, I would be just as happy to have a player with average to mediocre speed leading off, providing they could get on base with some regularity. It’s the old story, you can’t steal first.

    Regarding Oswalt, I believe his mediocrity this year was due to his getting a late start on the season, and that he’s been better recently. That’s just my perception, and I don’t have any stats to back it up. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • http://www.firenedcollettinow.com/ Fire Ned Colletti Now

    Yeah, Oswalt has been much better in June.


    Pretty sure he was battling some DTD injuries earlier in the year as well.