Ramon Troncoso called up, Andruw Jones takes BP

Jones had previously hit in the cage only. He looks good and is getting close to being ready to go on a minor-league rehabilitation assignment. … Ramon Troncoso, who began the season in the majors and was optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas on April 16, was called up to take Hiroki Kuroda’s spot on the roster and Chan Ho Park’s spot in the bullpen.

Here’s the lineup

LF Pierre
CF Kemp
2B Kent
1B Loney
3B LaRoche
RF Ethier
SS Berroa
C Ardoin
LH Kershaw

Dodgers 7, Reds 4

Eric Stults was outstanding, going six innings and allowing three runs, only one of which was earned. With that, he matched his victory total from each of his first two seasons and ran his career mark to 3-4. James Loney had another big day, with a double and two singles. Matt Kemp had a big day, with a home run and a two-run double. And Stults even contributed at the plate with a perfectly executed hit-and-run through the left side of the infield when shortstop Paul Janish went to cover the bag with Angel Berroa breaking from first. That led to a Dodgers’ run on Juan Pierre’s subsequent bunt single. … Dodgers win their season series from the Reds for the fourth consecutive year, taking six of seven. Dodgers go to 34-38 with their first three-game winning streak since the last time they swept the Reds almost a month ago. Snakes and A’s are scoreless in the fourth.

Dodgers 6, Reds 1

First two-game winning streak since they took the middle two games of that four-game split with the Cubs to close out the last homestand. The diagnosis on Kuroda is good. He’s probably going on the DL so they can call up a reliever to replace Chan Ho Park, who is going to start in place of Kuroda on Saturday against the Tribe. But if you do the math, he hasn’t pitched in a week, so he’ll be eligible to return a week from Saturday against the Angels, so he’ll only miss one more start in addition to the one he already missed tonight. … Because I know someone is going to ask me, the reason D-Lowe was yanked with a 4-1 lead with one out in the sixth and after just 85 pitches was because he threw 121 his last time out and because being moved up a day messed with his between-starts routine (even though he was pitching on normal rest). Derek had done his lower-body workout on Tuesday, before he was told he was pitching. He normally does that TWO days before he pitches. … Dodgers go to 33-38. Snakes are up BIG on the Charlie Finleys, so probably no movement in the standings tonight.

Nomar scratched

When he woke up this morning, something “didn’t feel right,” according to Joe Torre. Well, of course it didn’t. Nomar went 1 for 2 with a home run in his debut for Triple-A Las Vegas last night against Tacoma. Stan Conte talked to him today and said Nomar felt confident he would be ready to play by Friday, which I guess means he’s out for tomorrow, too.

This is not a drill

It isn’t that often on Dodgers road trips that I stay at the team hotel, but I usually do here because there aren’t that many choices, and the Westin Cincinnati is probably the best hotel in town. Well, this morning at about 11:15, I was lacing up my shoes in ancticipation of heading out when the fire alarm went off. Like I usually do with fire alarms, I ignored it, although I realized it meant I was probably going to have to walk down 13 flights of stairs to get out. Well, then they came onto the intercom and said, “Please evacuate the building, this is NOT a drill.” So I entered the stairwell, immediately ran into Mike Noto, the radio engineer for the Dodgers’ Spanish-language radio broadcasts who was coming down from the 14th floor, and we proceeded to walk all the way down to the street, where there already were about five fire trucks blocking the street, with hose lines laid. Immediately ran into several Dodgers personnel, some of whom (I won’t name names) admitted that they had still been sleeping when the alarm went off. After about 20 minutes, we were allowed back in. We never really did find out where the fire was. Not sure exactly what the point of this story is, except that I don’t have any news on anything yet, and I figured I should post something before heading to the clubhouse.

Dodgers 3, Reds 1

Most interesting thing that happened in this one was that Troy from West Virginia got hauled out by four cops, resisting all the way. According to the arrest report — which somehow had been posted above Joe Beimel’s locker by the time the game ended — he was charged with disorderly conduct (fighting) and resisting arrest. I asked Joe if he was going to go bail his No. 1 fan out of jail, and I got a very definitive NO. … Big night for Billingsley, who took a shutout into the seventh inning before Troy’s favorite player relieved him and got out of a mini-jam. Saito got his first save in almost a month (May 21 to be exact), and Jeff Kent went 3 for 4 with a double, a run and an RBI. … Dodgers improve to 32-38 and snap a five-game losing streak. Snakes are getting pounded 8-0 by the A’s, so unless they mount a comeback for the ages, the Dodgers will pick up a game in the standings.

Great American Ball Park

They ruined this place a few years ago when they built that monstrosity in center field — it’s a party deck. It obscures the view of a beautiful old courthouse across the river in Newport, Ky. All the scenery you see in the background, beyond the Ohio River, is Kentucky. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the very top of a TV monitor in the front row. Every seat in the front row of this press box has an individual TV monitor for replays. My last year covering the Reds, which was the first year they moved into this park, they were so bad (69-93 if I remember correctly) and their games were often so boring that I would frequently switch my monitor over to TNT and watch Law & Order reruns. … By the way, the Dodgers have agreed to terms with their fifth-round draft pick, right-hander JonMichael Redding out of something called Florida Community College. They have now signed three of their top five picks, with first-rounder Ethan Martin and second-round Josh Lindblom still to go. Florida State and Rice have been eliminated from the College World Series, so negotiations will begin soon with sixth-rounder Anthony Delmonico (FSU SS) and seventh-rounder Allen St. Clair (Rice LHP) should get under way soon.


Another domino falls: Kuroda returns to L.A. for an MRI

This doesn’t sound like anything major, but he told Joe Torre today that he has shoulder discomfort and that he has had it for a while. Not sure why he is only now telling the manager, but that’s what happened. Derek Lowe will start in place of Kuroda tomorrow night, that will be on normal rest because of the off-day. Stults goes Thursday, Kershaw moves up to Friday. … The other bad news is that Torre acknowledged today that Rafael Furcal probably won’t be back before the All-Star break, which isn’t a huge development given that the week before the break was the earliest he could possibly return anyway. … There is SOME good news. Andruw Jones has been hitting at Dodger Stadium as part of his rehab, and from what I’m told, his swing looks better than it has all season. No longer dropping the elbow. Maybe the time away was just what he needed. No word yet on when he might start his minor-league rehab.