Clayton Kershaw optioned to Jacksonville

I was as surprised as you undoubtedly are, but no one was more surprised that Kershaw himself. Joe Torre stressed, both to Clayton and to the media, that the move was more about needing a roster spot for Hiroki Kuroda, who is coming off the DL and starting tonight, than it was about the way Clayton has pitched. But as Clayton himself said, “Any way you spin it, I’m getting sent down. They can say they didn’t have enough room, but they (brought) me up when they didn’t have enough room, because all those (pitchers) were healthy then.” Haven’t gotten a definitive explanation yet of why it’s Jacksonville and not Las Vegas, but I’m sure it’s because they don’t want to subject the kid to the psychological perils of pitching in the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League. … Still nothing on Furcal, but Torre admitted he now has to take on the mindset that Furcal isn’t coming back until he does. At this point, I’m not convinced he is coming back at all, but Torre was a bit more cautious. “We have half a season (left),” he said. “I would like to think that is going to happen.”

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  • rafael

    i don’t understand. raffy was doing so well and now he is not coming back at all?! what the heck happened during his rehab?

  • Andrea

    While I thought they had brought up Kershaw too soon and he didn’t belong in the Bigs yet, I feel really bad for him because management kept saying he’d stay up no matter what. What a bunch of clowns.

  • KevinS

    It was either him Troncoso or Faulkenborg. We’ve not seen the last of Kershaw this season. I think this is more about roster renovation at this point of the season and we should see him back after the All-Star break.

    Torre really messed up last night by pulling him one batter too soon. What he really said to Clayton was, “I don’t trust you to get out of this.”

  • JLS23

    What Andrea said. A bunch of clowns indeed. Torre’s managerial moves alone last night are a case in point. The man is a horrible manager, with an even worse general manager whispering in his ear

  • KevinS

    rafael… it’s not about “what the heck happened during his rehab?”… I’m sure the doctors and thrapists did everything they could do. No, what it’s about is the NATURE of Furcal’s injury. He probably has a ruptured lumbar disc because they’re still talking about surgery. This is worse than a “bulging” disc you see… and he still has discomfort. He’s probably going to shut down all baseball activities altogether this year, try to come back, if it doesn’t work out by next spring or winter ball, then he’ll probably have the surgery. If that’s the case, then his career is probably over, because he will continue to reinjure the area with the kind of player he is: aggressive, all-star calibur. No, he’ll probably retire then and live a pain-free life as a mere mortal like you and me… just without the twisting and turning of a super-hero shortstop in the MLB.

    I wish it were different. Hopefully a miricle will happen and we will see him play again someday but, I doubt it… that is if he truly does have a herniated disc and has the surgery.

  • Yeager

    I guess Sweeney’s roster spot is being saved for Nomar or Andruw, maybe this weekend. Would be nice to have a left-handed pinch hit specialist, but it sort of loses its appeal when the guy just can’t hit anymore.

    If Furcal can’t come back, and assuming Nomar gets hurt again, the Dodgers have to go out and get a shortstop by the deadline.

  • Buddy

    If I was Clayton Kershaw, I’d be having a long conversation with my agent right now.

  • TeamHasHoles

    “I would like to think that is going to happen.” I would like to think Torre and Colletti know what the “F” they’re doing, but they obviously don’t.

    They’re mismanaging this kid already. He’s probably going to go back to the pen to “reduce” his innings. I agree with the kid, it’s hard to accept the “spin” they gave him. It’s a business, but they haven’t run their business properly for a lot of years, so it’s hard to side with management on this one.