• Buddy

    If I’m Logan White, I mean, Ned Colletti, I would pass on resigning Furcal this off-season.

  • snuffy02

    As the Vero Beach Curse predicted weeks ago–Furcal is done & will never wear the Devil Dodger uniform again. The VB Curse Lives!!!

  • TeamHasHoles

    Buddy, who will play SS next season? I say, try to get him at a discount for one year in the hopes he wants to prove he can stay healthy. When healthy he’s special.

  • Marcel

    It’s being reported that Ivan DeJesus Jr. is being considered at SS (presumably because Nomar can’t physically play everyday).

    I like the idea; hopefully Tony can get some more info on it.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Who’s reporting that?? I don’t believe anything until I hear it from TJ! Like last week when he told me JFK was assassinated. I didn’t buy it until he told me about it. ūüėČ

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I think it’s a bit early to begin speculating where Furcal will be next year. Whatever happens depends on the following:

    1. The Dodgers assessment of Furcal’s post surgical progress.

    2. The Dodgers assessment of their own in-house options at short (Hu, DeJesus), and any potential free agents that might be available this winter.

    3. The level of interest of other teams if Furcal hits the free agent market this winter.

    Eight weeks brings us to September. If they’re saying “at least” eight weeks, then I’m guessing that he dosen’t return this year. I think that it’s very unlikely that we will be seeing Furcal play again in 2008. If he did so, he would probably be a shell of his fomer self. No matter where he ends of next year, Furcal is probably best served by spending the next 7-8 months on an intense rehab regimen.

  • Marcel


    One of Tony’s colleagues (Diamond Leung of the Press Enterprise) reported it.