No news on Furcal, no roster move

And nothing for me to post on this blog. But I do hope to have something on the roster move within the hour and something on Furcal within the next couple of hours. So stay tuned.

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  • False Hope Rally

    Thanks for the update, however unsubstantial it was. I’ve been wondering all morning.

  • love russ

    tony, i read yesterday about russell’s freak knee injury prior to the game.. obviously he played really well yesterday, so i’d like to believe there are no lasting effects.. are there no worries about it at all? just curious. thanks.

  • Tony Jackson

    freak knee injury? first I have heard of it. he seems fine to me.

  • love russ

    this is a quote from martin after last night’s game.. it is from the dodgers website game story:

    “A throw was going over my head, and I turned and outran the ball and slammed on the brakes, and my heel slid on the grass and my knee hyperextended,” said Martin. “It got right to the point of no return with the pain. Any time you hyperextend something, it’s scary, But it ended up fine.”

    but since you hadn’t heard about it.. i’ll take that as a good sign, and i need not to worry 🙂