Change in plans: Nomar, Andruw coming back TOMORROW

Both players initiated the change in the wake of the Furcal development. Nomar was going to be activated Monday, anyway, so his return is only being pushed up by three days. But Andruw Jones wasn’t supposed to be back until the start of the second half, TWO WEEKS from tomorrow. He was supposed to return to Los Angeles this weekend to rest, then resume his rehab for another eight days starting on Monday. As for whether club officials have any concerns about what this will mean for Nomar’s left calf calf and Andruw’s surgically repaired right knee, assistant GM Kim Ng said. “We always have concerns. That is our job, to be concerned.” … By the way, Brad Penny will NOT start on Saturday. He had some command issues during his simulated game, so he’s going to need another one. The tentative plan now is for him to be activated next week and make only one start before the break, probably start either Wednesday against the Braves or Thursday against the Marlins. Chan Ho Park will pitch Saturday night at San Francisco. Eric Stults, who is away in Indiana for the birth of his second child, will rejoin the club in time to pitch on Sunday against the Giants.

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  • Buddy

    Hmm…something sounds fishy. These moves appear to be premature. Nomar will be back on the DL next week.

  • Yeager

    I think they’ll be careful with Nomar. Probably take at least two weeks before he’s back on the DL.

    Nothing fishy, just running out of major league players.

  • Yeager

    Fitting that Sweeney’s last AB was a strikeout.
    (If that’s not his last AB, then I’m going to ask for a tryout with the Dodgers, I can do the same thing he’s doing and I work cheaper. )