Dodgers 10, Giants 7

It wasn’t pretty — in fact, it was so no pretty that Joe Torre had a brief team meeting after the game to point out the need to clean up the sloppy play — but it was effective. Dodgers won their fourth game in a row, their second-longest winning streak of the season. This game was a textbook example of the hitting approach Torre has been trying to instill. The Dodgers couldn’t do much against Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez except make him work. They worked him over for 110 pitches over five innings, resulting in Bruce Bochy going to his bullpen in the sixth, and the Dodgers then unloaded on rookie reliever Oriris Matos for five runs in the decisive sixth inning, a rally that began when left fielder Fred Lewis dropped Nomar’s fly ball. Dodgers go to 42-44. Snakes play tonight. … Andruw Jones had the same game Jason Repko had the other night, going 0 for 5 with four strikeouts, suggesting nothing has changed since before he had his surgery — he is now batting .159 and averaging a strikeout every 3.2 plate appearances. This is what he had to say about it: “I felt good at the plate. They just made tough pitches on me. Tip your hat to them. There is nothing you can do. I’ll just come out tomorrow and go at it again. (Sanchez) pitched really good, and this was the first time … I have ever faced him.”

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  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I think it’s little early to be declaring that “nothing has changed” regarding Jones. He even hit the ball hard his last time up. If he’s doing the same thing a month from now the criticism will have greater validity. Besides, what other choice do the Dodgers have? Repko isn’t the answer, and I don’t think Delwyn Young is either. A solid second half from Jones is one of the key ingredients that the Dodgers need to contend. If Jones proves unacceptable, then the matter should be addressed in the offseason, since I doubt if anything worthwhile can be accomplished before then.

  • Buddy

    Yes, the Dodgers team defense has been mediocre. As of today, they have a team fielding percentage of .984, definitely room for improvement.

    On today’s game, Ethier was excellent. How in the world can you even consider placing Pierre over him when he returns from the DL? It would be better for the organization to simply have Pierre pinch-run in key situations. He should not be allowed to start a game.

  • The_Great_Arcade_Fire

    Jones looked completely Pathetic today as usual. His last AB looked like he was just hoping not to strike out again. Im surprised he just didn’t drop a bunt down but he probably can’t even do that.

  • KevinS

    Excuse me for noticing… but did Andre light up a left handed pitcher again??? Whoa… that might land him on the bench then next time they face a lefty… especially if he keeps on hitting dingers!