Giants 5, Dodgers 2

The San Diego-Arizona score went up as a final in the top of the seventh inning, literally about five seconds before Andy LaRoche grounded sharply to second to end the inning and strand runners on second and third. LaRoche was hitting for Chan Ho Park, who had been dazzling over six innings, allowing a run on three hits with seven strikeouts. On came the bullpen, and out went the game. Giants scored four in the bottom half, and the Dodgers whiffed (11 times in the game) at a chance to take over the division lead. They fall to 42-45 and stay a half-game behind the slumping Snakes. Dodgers now have to go at least 6-2 the rest of the way to be .500 (48-47) by the All-Star break.

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  • D’Accardo42

    Why take Beimel out in that situation? I don’t get it. He has been great this year and it’s not like he only pitches well against lefties. Also,why bring in Falkenborg with such an important game on the line? If I recall Wade was also in the pen at that time and if Joe was so set to take Beimel out I would have rather seen Wade come in. Maybe he wasn’t ready, but I still wish Torre would have kept Beimel in. Typical Gnats getting in our way of first place.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I thought it was a mistake to open the 7th with Beimel, if only because he was the only lefthander available given that Kuo worked multiple innings the previous day. It would have been nice to have a lefthander to pitch to Fred Lewis. Besides, Cory Wade has pitched well enough that he could have been trusted to start the 7th.

    I also would have pinch hit for Park in that situation, and with a little luck the ball would have found it’s way through the infield and the score would have been 4-0. That would have completely changed the the game’s dynamic, and the Dodgers probably would have won. That’s baseball, and tomorrow is another day.

  • blue 26

    The move cant be understood.You have a star reliever in Beimel with an era slightly above 1.00. He has thrown 6 pitches and has 1 out. He actually has better stats against righties.You have a tired bullpen.You have a journeyman reliever just up from AAA in FAlkenborg who in his last appearence was tagged for a key 3 run home run in Houston. You have the stat the Aurillia is a horrible lifetime 1 for 8 against Beimel and lefty Lewis on deck is winning run and Durham in the hole who bats 80 points lower vs lefties..

    also it was wade and Bimel warming in the 6th when Park gave up the 2b rbi………