Dodgers 5, Giants 3

This was a big win for the Dodgers. It turned on a couple of key moments. First, with the game tied in the bottom of the second, the first two Giants got on base, and Matt Cain, trying to bunt, then popped a bunt just to the left of home plate. Russell Martin tried and failed to make a diving catch, and the ball bounced into foul territory. The plate ump originally ruled that the ball had made contact with Martin’s glove in fair territory, which would have meant a single for Cain and bases loaded, no outs. But the 3B ump, who had a better angle, said it never touched Martin’s mitt — and televised replays seemed to back that up — and that made it just a foul ball. Cain wound up sacrificing, but Eric Stults then pitched out of the second-and-third, one-out jam by striking out Fred Lewis and Ray Durham, and the Dodgers immediately came back with two runs in the top of the third. The other key moment was in the bottom of the fifth, with the Dodgers leading 5-2. The first two Giants batters reached, putting runners on first and third with none out, and Torre pulled Stults two outs shy of qualifying for the victory. On came Brian Falkenborg, the goat on Saturday night’s game. He immediately got Bengie Molina and Aaron Rowand to pop up, then struck out Jose Castillo, preserving the three-run lead. Falkenborg was done for the day at that point, but he wound up getting the win by scorer’s discretion. It was his first big-league win since Mother’s Day 2004, his last stint with the Dodgers, when Olmedo Saenz’s three-run jack in the 14th inning gave the Dodgers the victory. … Dodgers improve to 43-45 with their seventh win in their past 10 games, and they remain a half-game behind the Snakes, who beat the Pods.

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  • Denton True

    Tony, looks like CC Sabathia is heading to Milwaukee. Did you hear any names from the Dodgers that were dangled in front of Cleveland or do you think talks between the Tribe and Blue ever got that far?

  • Tony Jackson

    I’m not sure it ever even got that far. I’m surprised he got traded this early, to be honest. I figured this would drag on for a few weeks.

  • Hraf

    Tony, have you heard if we are looking at other SS other than Wilson. Of course Nomar’s health will always be in question, but Wilson doesn’t seem to be much of an upgrade.