More on the aborted trade

I was told this morning, by a source completely separate from the ones from which I got the earlier story, that Matt Kemp WAS involved in the aborted trade for Sabathia, Blake and Carroll, and that either Jon Meloan or James McDonald also was involved. My source wasn’t sure which one. Can’t imagine Sabathia would have been much better than Kuroda was last night. If Kuroda can keep this up — he has now thrown 16 scoreless in two starts since coming off the DL — that’s a pretty big presence in the rotation.

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  • tm_rome

    Why is it that every trade rumor involving the Dodgers involves them having to include young major league talent, like Kemp, Ethier, Billingsly, etc., while other teams seemly never have to include that proven level of talent? Most scouting services still rank the Dodgers farm talent among the best in all the league, so how do the Brewers get a deal done without ANY major league talent or their top 2 prospects? Am I missing something here?

  • Alan Monroe

    So … how much longer until Logan White and Kim Ng take over as co-GMs?

  • Ismael Bramasco

    The reason Milwaukee can get away with not giving up major league talent is because they had a guy in the minors who was absolutely smashing home runs and is projected to be a home run threat as soon as he gets to the big leagues. Cleveland wanted a power threat in their future line-up since they aren’t sure Hafner and Victor Martinez will come back and be productive in the coming seasons. The only guy the Dodgers have in their entire organization with power potential (25-30 homeruns) is Matt Kemp, currently a major leaguer…and obviously a tremendous power threat when he starts looking for his pitches obviously.

  • Yeager

    Matt Kemp, on pace for 14 homeruns
    (but I wouldn’t make that trade unless I could negotiate a contract with Sabathia past this year, which the Indians were not going to allow)

  • Yeager

    And for all of the Ned-bashers, if the owner doesn’t let the GM do his (or her) job, then it doesn’t really matter who the GM is. An owner has to approve finances of course, but an owner making a statement like “The players didn’t match up, and that’s just the way it was.”, that’s for the GM to decide (and be held accountable for). Ask Dallas Cowboy fans how having an owner make football decisions has worked out.

    I do think Ned’s track record is spotty at best, and I think he’ll be held accountable for the results this season. So he deserves the chance to do his job in the meanwhile.
    As for why the young major league talent is always talked about in trades, those are the guys other teams are going to ask about. That’s a good sign.

  • KingBB99

    Mark my words Colletti will do something stupid with Kemp, like trade him for Jack Wilson. And McCourt who is even more useless will sign off, only to change direction and fire Colletti at the end of the season.

    White and Ng are only influential enough to stave off the McCourt/Colletti/Torre cabal of ineptitude for so long. Anything positive that happens in Dodgerdom is despite these guys and not because of them. Kuroda was a nice pickup, but you didn’t need a crystal ball to do that deal.

    McCourt has no plan, and Colletti is the perfect guy to execute it.

  • Ismael Bramasco

    you’re right, he’s only on pace for 14 homeruns, but the potential is certainly there once he starts looking for pitches he can actually drive out of the park. On the other hand, our starters have been doing a great job and our bullpen is awesome, I don’t think pitching has been our weakness this year, it’s been our offense, why add Sabathia (a pitcher) and lose our current lead off hitter who has also been one of our top run producers this season for a three month rental, when we can sign him in the offseason and keep all of our trading chips for other possible pieces to the puzzle?

    I say great job Frank McCourt and Ned Coletti, anyone who disagrees, Sabathia wasn’t the guy we needed anyway.

  • The_Great_Arcade_Fire

    We have to best staff in the NL so we don’t need a pitcher! Does Ned know that? Tony you should ask him if he knows the team leads the league in ERA.

    also with all the offensive struggles why on earth would you trade a guy who leads the team in RBIs? Not to mention Fat Ass Jones hasn’t been much help. We would hvae been stuck with an outfield of Pierre, Jones and Either. Major downgrade. Ned is an idiot! Fire him Frank!! Please!

  • Yeager

    Definitely agree that the need is offense, not pitching.

    And I agree McCourt has changed directions too many times already, (how do you let DePodesta let Tracy go and then turn around and fire DePodesta?) that’s why I favor sticking with one direction, letting Colletti do his job. This is his third full season though, so he certainly needs to be held accountable at the end of this season.

  • The_Great_Arcade_Fire

    Another thing that makes my head spin about this Sabathia thing is that we have pretty good pitching depth. Chan Ho has showed he deserves to start and he can. We’ve also got Clayton Kershaw, James MacDonald, Scott Elbert (he is starting to build arm strength and has been great so far since he’s returned) and Jason Schmidt even hasn’t came back. So a pitcher was very much the LAST thing we needed at the moment. And he was willing to sacrifice our best outfielder?

  • TeamHasHoles

    They need offense… not a starter and not a shortstop. they need offense and 3rdbase is the best place to find it. If the Chisox won’t part with Crede, then I think the Dodgers need to go get Beltre, who most definitely would be.

    Second half player, and he didn’t have an awful first half. His glove goes without saying. He’s owed about $18 mil total for this season and next (maybe SEA will pay some of that). By that time, whichever 3rdbaseman they didn’t trade to get him (probably DeWitt) will be ready to play everyday.

    The Dodgers don’t need a shortstop, they’re fine with the defensive guys they have now. I say if Crede can’t be had, bring back AB!

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    It may not be possible, and I don’t know who might be available, but at some point (be it now, or after the season) it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Dodgers to consider Russell Martin for 3B, and begin looking for a catcher talented enough to replace him behind the plate. Martin has demonstrated that he can play third, and doing so on a regular basis would help to preserve his speed, and enhance his offensive output, since catchers generally suffer from minor nicks throughout the year, and tend to wear down as the season progresses. DeWitt and/or LaRoche would then become expendable, and could be included in a package aimed at obtaining a catcher. And although there are other options at 2B (Abreu, free agency, etc.), DeWitt and LaRoche could be a part of the mix at that position.

    I was a proponent of attempting to bring back Beltre to play 3B prior to this season. However, given the options the Dodgers already have at that position, the money used on Beltre could be better utilized elsewhere. For example, following the season, if they opt for free agency, the Dodgers should probably consider C.C. Sabathia and Orlando Hudson, among others.

  • TeamHasHoles


    The Dodgers will shed plenty of salary next year. Lowe, Kent, Furcal, Garciaparra will all be off the books. That’s about $40 mil (The Dodgers will have PLENTY of money to spend. Especially when you consider most of Schmidt’s contract to this point is being paid for by insurance)

    The Dodgers currently have a plethora of 3rd base prospects (DeWitt, LaRoche, Josh Bell) and only one decent catching prospects, Lucas May who is having a poor season right now. I’m not sure they’d feel good enough to bring him up so they can play Martin @ 3rd). Frankly Martin is to important to this team to move him out from behind the plate at this point.

    A move for Beltre would help the Dodgers now and buy them time for some of their prospects to be more “everyday-ready.”

  • TeamHasHoles

    Hey Tony,

    Could you find out what’s going on with Dodgers’ first round pick in 2007 Chris Withrow? I haven’t really been able to find him anywhere. Is he hurt? Where is he pitching? Also, the Dodgers have a 24-year old pitcher from Mexico who’s pitching quite well at Jacksonville named Jesus Castillo. Any reason why he’s not on the radar (i.e. – the 40-Man roster)?

    Thanks in advance,
    THH 🙂

  • rjthrelkeld

    “…Chris Withrow is expected to head to rookie-level Ogden when his elbow gets better.”

  • Buddy

    That Sabathia deal was a no brainer. That’s too much talent to give up for three months. Here’s a better trade proposal: Derek Lowe and Andy LaRoche for Hank Blalock. Blalock can drive the ball anywhere and has a relatively high career on base percentage. He is due of the DL any day now.

  • Buddy

    Whoops, I forgot to add Pierre for free to the aforementioned trade proposal. The Dodgers should just eat his salary.

  • TeamHasHoles

    So we should trade a pitcher who is a notorious 2nd half pitcher whose ERA in last 9 starts is 2.84 and makes $10 mil plus a prime prospect for a guy who has been on the DL twice this season (with a busted wrist), hasn’t played a full season since ’06 and only hit 16 HRs that season while hitting .266….

    Why would the Rangers want Lowe’s salary? Laroche wouldn’t be worth that. Blalock’s only 27.

  • Buddy

    Because the Dodgers have extra pitching with a pitcher who has an expiring contract, a third baseman who has lost his reputability, and a left-field who can barely hit a whiffle ball.

    More important, the Dodgers need a bat in the worst way and Blalock is healthy. This could actually be a steal for them. His long term stock is much better than Beltre’s and Blalock can hit for power and get on base. He even plays third base.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Texas isn’t going to take his contract unless the Dodgers pay some of it. Also, I doubt you’ll find a playoff team that trades a major league pitcher for anything other than more ML pitching unless it’s for a “special player” (and no offense but Blalock ain’t a special player.) Any GM that thinks he has a surplus of pitching is a fool.

    The Dodgers have three 3rdbase prospects. Two are on the team now. If you wanna trade one of them for a bat this season, Beltre or Crede are your best bets, because you only want a 1 or 2-year plug until DeWitt or Bell is everyday ready…

    Plus, with Blalock’s injury, that’s VERY risky, certainly for this season.

    We agree, the Dodgers need a bat and preferably a 3rdbaseman, but I’m not big on Blalock, and THAT trade, I doubt would work for either team.

  • The fact that they were even considering trading those 3 guys for 3 free agents is ridiculous.

    The fact that he was trading them for pitching is even more ridiculous. Obviously that’s the Dodgers’ problem, right? Pitching. Not like the Dodgers have the best ERA in the NL or anything.

    Does he really think Jamey Carroll and Casey Blake were going to lead this team to a World Series victory? Seriously? Jesus.

  • coach

    I still think a trade will occur .. management is concerned Garciaparra will break down again and be left with Berroa and Maza @short which won’t get it that is why I think you’ll see MacDonald and Hu for Wilson. Wilson is signed through 2009 @ $4mm a year worst case him at short Nomar at 3rd which where he was to play if he didn’t get hurt.

    Best thing about my view is that I get 2 Guesses Dodger management gets one.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Including McDonald in a Wilson deal is insane. And Wilson is NOT signed for $4 million through 2009. He is signed for $6.5 million this year (the Dodgers would pick up a pro rata portion), $7.25 million next year, and there is a team option for 2010 that can be bought out for $600K.


    I’m well aware of the salaries that will be shed after this season. I’m also aware that some of the younger players will have to be paid more next year. But that aside, it doesn’t change the fact that the money available can be better spent than on Beltre, especially given that the Dodgers have other options at third base.

    Also, I did not suggest that Martin had to be moved out from behind the plate at the present time. Rather, I suggested it’s something the Dodgers should be thinking about, be it now or next season. I’m also not naive enough to think that a premium catcher would be available now. But, if one could be obtained for a reasonable price in players I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. Perhaps (I don’t know at this time) a premium catcher will be available this winter via free agency. And I never suggested that the Dodgers bring up Lucas May and move Martin to 3B. That would be as insane as including McDonald in deal for Jack Wilson.

    Regarding Josh Bell, frankly, I’m not excited. His minor league stats are not overly impressive, he strikes out a lot, and Baseball America describes him as a “below-average runner and defender, albeit with a plus arm.” They also state that “his feet are heavy, and his range is below-average.” They think he could develop into an “adequate defender” with hard work and determination. Bell is a switch hitter, and is described as having a long swing from the right side, and is said not be make consistent contact when facing lefties.

  • People are talking about Wilson like a .700 OPS is gonna turn this offense around or something.

    And honestly, the Dodgers are like 1 year away from having two SS (Hu, DeJesus) capable of doing that or better (hopefully), with equally solid defense.

  • coach

    BD …My mistake on financials of Wilson I believe that is what Kevin Kennedy commenting on whether Dodgers should go after Wilson or Eckstein. I agree it is not a trade I would do..that is what I heard is the structure of the deal since Pitts would be left w/out a SS.

  • neoncactus

    In the fallout of the Sabathia deal, I’ve heard rumors that they may be open to trading JJ Hardy and moving their prospect up to the majors next year and with him rejecting an extension, they may be open to trading Prince Fielder. Clearly the Brewers aren’t going to blow up their time now, but if you’re going to trade studs like Kemp or Loney, then get a hot bat for them like a Fielder or players like Uggla or Willingham with the Marlins. If you could trade for those type of guys, then you can either fill third with a free agent and then go after Sabathia or Sheets. But there was no reason to trade any decent prospects for a 3 month rental when its the offense that needs the overhaul.