Jaime’s last All-Star Game

Jaime Jarrin, the Dodgers’ Hall of Fame Spanish language broadcaster and one of the classiest people in the game, just told me he has decided that after this All-Star Game, he will no longer call any All-Star Games or World Series for ESPN. He has called a total of 25 World Series and 20 All-Star Games for either the Dodgers’ Spanish radio network or ESPN. “My family needs me at home,” he said. “This year if the Dodgers don’t go to the postseason, I will be able to travel someplace (in October) where I couldn’t go in November because of the climate. I told (ESPN) it wasn’t a matter of needing more money or going to the competition. It’s just has to do with my schedule. It’s just too much.” Jaime will be 73 in December and has a wife, two sons and three grandsons. “My wife Blanca and my sons Jorge and Mauricio are delighted that I have made this decision,” Jaime said. … Ned just told me Dr. ElAttrache wasn’t in Los Angeles today, and that’s why he couldn’t examine the MRI results until tomorrow. So don’t read anything into the previous update other than what it said. However, Ned did echo what Torre said yesterday. “Are we concerned? Yes,” he said. … With the HR Derby about to start, I was about to complain about them playing the music too loud. But then I realized it’s a live concert by 3 Doors Down. It’s so loud the table is shaking under my laptop as I type this.

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