Update on the HOFs

Now they are introducing the starting lineups not by having them run out and line up along the first- and third-base lines, but by having them run out to stand among the HOFs at their respective positions. This just sends chills down your back watching this, even though I have a really bad seat in the secondary press box. I can see the mound, home plate, first base, right field and the area where the second baseman plays. I can see third base, shortstop and center field through a glass partition separating this box from the owner’s box next door. I can see the 2B bag only if I lean one way or the other and look around the support beam at the front of that partition. And I can’t see LF at all unless I stand up. But somehow, my full, unobstructed view at Chase Field on Friday night is going to pale in comparison to this.

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  • Brooklyn Dodger

    OK, it’s 6 pm PDT. Either Saito is like the rest of us, and has to sit in the waiting room for 3 or more hours before being seen, or the Dodgers will wait until after the All-Star game to make an announcement concerning his condition.

  • Luke McCain

    I noticed that almost all of the National League players did not button their top button while almost every American League player had their’s buttoned.
    I wonder if that means anything… AL pays more attention to details or NL sloppy dress equals sloppy play? Probably means nothing but it is just weird.

  • coachjw

    Tony, I really like the blog. Is there any chance of getting a photo from your press box seat posted before the end of the night?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    From Larry Bowa. As regards Kershaw, I hope he doesn’t know anything. As for Lowe, if a deal can be done to bring in a bat, that’s fine with me.


  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Regarding Bowa’s comments, I should have added that he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.

  • Tony Jackson

    Coach, I just took the photo, at 1:21 a.m. local time. Too late to post it now. I’ll try to do so in the next day or so.