Broxton is the Dodgers’ closer … sort of

Torre met with him today and basically told him that he’ll be the PRIMARY closer, and that he will get the call if the Dodgers have a slim lead in the ninth tonight, but he won’t be the ONLY closer. Chan Ho Park is out of the rotation so he can be used in that role on occasion, and Torre also said he might use Hong-Chih Kuo or Joe Beimel in save situations if the other team had two or three left-handed hitters coming up in the inning. It sounds like closer by committee, with the one qualifier being that Broxton is going to get the call MOST of the time. … Park will be replaced in the rotation by veteran right-hander Jason Johnson, whose contract was purchased from Las Vegas earlier today to take Takashi Saito’s roster spot. … Stop us if you have heard this one before: Jason Schmidt has been shut down, his rehab assignment put on hold. He felt discomfort in his shoulder after his last rehab start. Torre said he’ll throw a couple of side sessions here, and if those go well, he’ll resume his rehab. … Oh, and even as Don Mattingly takes over as hitting coach, Jeff Pentland, one of what are now three roving minor-league hitting instructors, will be with the club for the next few days to work with Andruw Jones, whom he worked with during Jones’ all-too-brief rehab at Vegas. Jones apparently didn’t swing and miss at a single pitch during that three-day assignment, which originally was supposed to last a couple of weeks until Juan Pierre went on the DL.

Here’s the lineup
RF Kemp
LF Ethier
C Martin
2B Kent
SS Garciaparra
1B Loney
CF Jones
3B DeWitt
RH Kuroda

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  • El Lay Dave

    There has to be a 40-man roster move as well to get Johnson in. Choices:

    Saito to the 60-day DL – not likely, that’s 8 1/2 weeks.
    Proctor moved to the 60-day DL – maybe.
    Someone DFAed – maybe.

    What’s the rush though? If Johnson is going to start in five days, he doesn’t need to be activated until then! If they are going to activate Sweeney tomorrow, he should get Saito’s 25-man spot. The bullpen won’t be short since Park’s going there.

  • El Lay Dave

    Free Andy LaRoche!

  • coach

    So Much for Kershaw coming back after throwing 12 SO innings 8k 2bb-2 Wins.. Also I thought LaRoche was to play vs lefthanders…?

    Davis LHP goes for the snakes tonight.

  • El Lay Dave

    The other move is Yhency Brazoban from the minor-league DL to the major-league 60-day DL, which frees the 40-man spot for Johnson.

  • rafael

    tony, any news on raffy? when is he coming back and is he with the team?

  • Johnson? Is this serious? Replacing Park with Jason Johnson? Jesus. You’d think the Dodgers could call up a bullpen guy and just keep Park in the rotation.

  • El Lay Dave

    You’re missing the point – Johnson is THIRTY-FOUR YEARS old and has 1327 IP in the majors. Torre wants experienced old guys – doesn’t matter how crappy.

  • FireColletti

    Why Johnson over Kershaw??? Heck, I’m still trying to figure out Stults over Kershaw.
    Awesome update on Schmidt. What’s the over-under on Nomar going down?

  • TeamHasHoles

    Boy, the first two innings of this game have been a treat to watch haven’t they? Kuroda’s not pitching well, but Kent and Jones are singlehandedly killing this team so far tonite.

  • Tony Jackson

    Sorry, the 40-man move is Brazoban to the DL. Joe was asked about Kershaw and he gave only a vague answer about Clayton still being “on our radar.” He did talk a lot about Johnson’s big-league experience, which consists of a 55-98 record and a 4.99 ERA, so El Lay Dave’s theory might hold some water here.

  • coach

    Forget Kershaw until Sept Callups ..that will probably bury that kid moves will be Tanyan Sturze 5+ ERA at AA now in Vegas and Mark Bellhorn hitting 260 in Jax

    A Championship ballclub is usually strong up the middle..consider..1 1/2 out of 4 isn’t bad. Anyone seen Penny lately?

  • ebbetsfld

    Great job by Big Bad Jon, here we go!