Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 2

Dan Haren turned in seven shutout innings against the Dodgers, but this game was all about defense. The Snakes played too much of it — Conor Jackson robbed Matt Kemp of extra bases with an out-of-this-world catch at the wall in left-center with his back to the field, Mark Reynolds snared two smoking line drives off the bat of Jeff Kent at third and three-time Gold Glove 2B Orlando Hudson made a diving stop to rob Blake DeWitt for the final out of the seventh with a runner on — and the Dodgers didn’t play enough of it. Delwyn Young misjudged a routine fly ball off the bat of Hudson in the first inning, turning it into a double that led to an Arizona run. Ironically, that play didn’t become nearly as glaring until the ninth, when Young delivered an RBI double to pull the Dodgers within 3-2. DY wound up stranded on third when the game ended, a one-run loss in a game when his miscue cost the Dodgers a run. Had the Dodgers lost 3-0, which was the score when they came to bat in the ninth, his miscue wouldn’t have made much of a difference. … Dodgers fall to 47-50 and back into second place, a game behind the Snakes. Brandon Webb going for Arizona tomorrow.

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  • Dave R.

    Tony – I see Andruw got hit with food poisoning. Any chance that someone connected with the team slipped something into one of his pre-game Big Macs?

  • scanman33


    May=.322/.379/.517/.896 (95 PAs)
    Outside of May=.234/.305/.299/.604 (203 PAs)

    Please ask Torre what gives.

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    I noticed that Chin Lung Hu is back in the lineup for Las Vegas. Is there any word from the Dodgers concerning whether or not they identified and corrected any particular vision problems?

  • coach

    What Gives on DeWitt

    Go to the article on Why Dewitt to Dodger Website..Torre trusts him defensively 0 E in 34 Games Game saving plays vs DBAcks Friday night and Saved Kuroda no-no. Although he is been slumping La Roche hit .226 in 35 Games last year and is currently hitting.174 with 2 HR and 3 Rbi.

    “It was a great play,” Dodgers manager Joe Torre said. “Those are the plays where you see him play under pressure like that, he’s going to be a good player. Is he going to make the All-Star team every year? Not necessarily. But I know one thing: He’s going to help a team win because of how he plays under pressure