Dodgers sign Pablo Ozuna, DFA Luis Maza

Ozuna, a utility IF like Maza, was DFA’d by the White Sox on July 8 to clear room for Paul Konerko, who came off the DL that day. Ozuna hit .281 (18 for 64) in 32 games for the Sox, with three doubles and six RBI. He can play all four infield spots and in the outfield, although he hasn’t play the outfield much since breaking his leg last season.

Joe Jareck of the Dodgers’ PR staff sent along this link to an interesting story about Ozuna, if you’re interested. I mean, I guess it’s interesting. I haven’t read it yet.,CST-SPT-sox09.article

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  • TeamHasHoles

    I gleaned two things from that article:

    1) Ozuna was well liked in the room.
    2) Ozzie Guillen hasn’t learned one lesson about dealing with the media.