Kershaw pitches tomorrow

Clayton Kershaw is on his way to Denver. He will be officially recalled from Double-A Jacksonville tomorrow, with a corresponding move to come at that time. Jason Johnson was supposed to pitch tomorrow night, and the fact he wasn’t even on the 40-man roster until his contract was purchased from Vegas on Friday would at least SEEM to suggest he might be the odd man out. But let me stress that I am NOT hearing that from any little birdies or anything like that. I’m just guessing. And don’t forget that Johnson basically saved the Dodgers’ bacon with his three innings out of the pen on Friday night.

Here’s tonight’s lineup. Nomar is sitting, despite the fact he has 14 hits in his past 42 at-bats since coming off the DL on July 4. Dylan Hernandez and I tried to talk to him about sitting tonight and the fact he seems so comfortable back at SS, but he wasn’t in much of a mood to talk. Probably has something to do with sitting in the middle of a hot streak, but we asked him that point blank and he didn’t bite, so again, I’m just speculating.

RF Kemp
LF Ethier
C Martin
2B Kent
1B Loney
CF Jones
3B LaRoche
SS Berroa
LH Stults

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  • coach

    Brooklyn Dodger got it right about an early recall with the excpetion he is pitching at Coors..your plan seemed better but he is ready.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Ozuna and Kershaw are good decisions. Now go out and get a power hitting 3rdbaseman and lets win this friggin division!

  • Yeager

    Looks like Joe is playing a hunch with LaRoche. Maybe the power hitting 3rd baseman is already on the roster.

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    As I indicated in my “mocking” post in a previous thread, I PROFUSELY APOLOGIZE. When I didn’t see anything anywhere about Kershaw being recalled, I became suspicious. Guess I need to get a grip on my cynical side.

    As for bringing Kershaw back to pitch at Coors, I guess it’s not a terrible move. The kid appears to have his head on straight, and would likely weather any adversity he might encounter. And one could argue that he stands a better chance at Coors than Johnson due to his superior velocity. Hopefully he can get the curve working in the light air.

    Again, you have my HUMBLE APOLOGIES.