LaRoche possibly being showcased in advance of trading deadline

Torre said before the game that Andy LaRoche is going to start all three games. Here is the quote:
“I had planned on giving him a couple of games. It has really been unfair to him. Knowing that the end of July is looming, you have to find out as much as you can about your players. If you’re looking to help your ballclub, you want to make sure you have an idea of the people you have. He’ll probably play this series, especially (facing) the left-hander (Glendon Rusch) Wednesday.”
Sounds pretty cut and dried to me. A lot of us — and a lot of YOU, judging by some of the comments you have been posting — have long suspected the Dodgers are looking to move this guy. But that shouldn’t obscure the fact that he has had three really good plate appearances tonight, and we’re only in the fourth inning. He walked each of his first two times, the first time after falling behind 1-2, and he just blooped a 3-2 pitch into right field for a single to score Andruw Jones — who actually got a hit to lead off the inning — and give the Dodgers a 12-1 lead.

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  • Mannyman


    Don’t you find it troubling that the team is showcasing a guy that seems to possess the very skills management consistently lists as important and lacking on this team (i.e. patience and hitting for power)? Believe me, it is going to be extremely frustrating for Dodger fans seeing this guy become a solid to great big leaguer in different uniform (much like Paul Konerko). In fact, the comparison to Konerko is eerie. He too was traded due to management’s impatience despite limited opportunity. Of course, if Colletti nets something big in return I won’t mind at all. Somehow, however, I find that very unlikely. Any idea’s on what players he might be looking at? Thanks Tony, you do great work.

  • The_Great_Arcade_Fire

    In the past 3 season Andy LaRoche has hit more Home Runs than any player in the Dodgers organization and in his brief minor league Career he has 95 home runs! So it only makes sense to not play him at all and then put him on the trading block when we are in desperate need of power.

    He has been so mistreated by the Dodgers in the last 2 seasons. I am almost hoping he gets traded just so he can stick it to the Dodgers because he deserves his shot. Obviously Ned and Joe don’t value a guy who gives you a quality at bat and gets on base a lot. They’ve made that VERY obvious by praising Juan Pierre.

    Tony, what do you think the Dodgers will do regarding the outfield situation when Pierre comes back? Kemp and Either have played lights out since our lovable little little leaguer has been on the DL. Is it too obvious to say that they will be platooned again while Fatty and Slappy suck it up?

  • scanman33

    Theres a fine line between conviction and stubbornness and some of Torre’s decisions have shown he is straddling it.

    Using Blake Dewitt at 3B despite the presence of Andy Laroche on the bench is a prime example. Outside of May, when he posted a .896 OPS, Dewitts line has been .225/.246/.292/.538. His overall OPS makes him the 10th worst hitter in the NL among all players who qualify. So, on a team starved for offensive production, why does Torre keep running him out there? I know one thing: He’s going to help a team win because of how he plays under pressure, Torre remarked after Fridays game where Dewitt made a game saving play. So there you have it. Simply put, Joe hearts Blake.

    Running players out there based on how they play under pressure implies that every other situation doesnt mean squat. First of all, it goes on the false assumption that Laroche couldnt make that play. Second, what if Dewitts bat had produced enough runs that a spectacular play wasnt necessary to save the game? Third, can this team afford to keep playing someone who plays clutch defense when theyre starving for runs? Basically, Torre is prioritizing clutch defense ahead of overall production.

  • underdog8

    Tony, you may have seen this, but from an ESPN Chat today:

    Roger (Pasadena, CA): Do you think the Dodgers need to make a move? I’m tired of seeing Coletti give away our young talent for the likes of Hendrickson and Proctor. In fact, I’m wracking my brain trying to figure a single big money move colletti has made that hasn’t sucked (oh wait, Furcal has been a good move).

    Rob Neyer: Not a great track record to this point, but of course he does love his veterans … The Dodgers were my preseason pick, but I didn’t anticipate the injuries or Andruw Jones’ further decline. I think they probably need to make a move. ***Or give LaRoche the job at third base, which would be sort of like making a trade for a real third baseman.***

    (Emphasis mine.)