Eric Stults optioned to Vegas, Juan Pierre going with him to start rehab

Headline should be self-explanatory. I gotta run downstairs to try to catch them before they leave.

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  • Harpo JB

    Thanks for the update, Tony, but you really have to take that speed-typing class.

    Diamond Leung scooped you again on this item — by one measly minute!

  • TeamHasHoles

    Day off Thursday, and I guess Penny’s close? I can’t imagine there’s a deal for a starter imminent. Maybe they wanted to get Mark Sweeney back on the bench.

    I still have my doubts about Broxton closing.

  • Tony Jackson

    Face it, Diamond is just younger and faster. And I’m older and I have more insurance. Quick, what movie is that from?

  • TeamHasHoles

    Fried Green Tomatoes

  • Yeager

    You’re a good sport!

  • Tony Jackson

    Excellent. Bonus points for TeamHasHoles.

  • coach

    Yikes ESPN rumor mill Dodgers are taking a run at Huston Street 2-3 4.16 ERA 17 Saves and Adrian Beltre.. who I think in his 2nd coming would be as effective as Andru..Hitting .264 16HR AND $13,000,000 price tag.

    Some of the best deals that are done are the ones that are not..hopefully these are will take Street the rest of the year to adjust to NL over.

  • Tony Jackson

    I have been told a definitive NO on Beltre because of his contract. And Dylan wrote the other day that it’s NO on Huston Street, as well

  • Andrea

    Sometimes I think ESPN throws out ideas just to see what will stick.

    Tony, any feeling on whether the Dodgers are scouting the A’s for Bobby Crosby rather than Huston Street?

  • TeamHasHoles

    So tell me Tony, what are they going to get for Andy LaRoche that will be worth trading him for? Jack Wilson and a bullpen arm? Casey Blake? Andy LaRoche is already better than Blake. The oft injured Bobby Crosby?

    Furcal and Jones are killing this team (for different reasons) and they’re going to force Colletti into a big mistake…I can just feel it.

    Blake DeWitt at 3rdbase will not get this team to the playoffs. He’s at least a year and a half away and I’m still not sold on him playing 3rd without ANY power to speak of.

    They need to give Andy LaRoche a chance! At least as many ABs as they gave Loney and Kemp (about 450ABs).

    He’s a better option than trading him for the names that are available.

  • Andrea

    Perhaps they’re “showcasing” LaRoche to see if he’s the one to KEEP, not the one to TRADE …