Pierre’s impending return … and what it means for Andruw

Torre says if Pierre’s rehab goes well, he will rejoin the big club either Saturday or Sunday. Joe was very non-committal on how the outfield will shake out at that point. What was interesting was that while Joe did say on the one hand that he isn’t ready to sit Andruw Jones —

“It’s still (too) early for me. Both Donnie (Mattingly) and (Jeff) Pentland are here working on specific things with him. It’s one thing to practice, but it’s a second thing to go out there and play games and try to put that into practice. I don’t think he has had enough time for that yet.”

— on the other hand, Torre didn’t rule out the possibility that Andruw could find himself sitting if this keeps up much longer.

“I have seen Andre (Ethier) and Matty (Kemp) make great strides, Andre with the consistency of his at-bats and Matt seems to be getting a better feel for it right now. The thing that is great about this game is that you reserve the right to change your mind.”

Joe also was non-committal on who his fifth starter will be now that Stults has been sent out. Dodgers won’t need one until Tuesday. Could be Jason Johnson. Could be a trade between now and then. But he said it won’t be Park because he likes Chan Ho in the pen., and he also said Penny won’t be ready by then.

Here’s tonight’s lineup

RF Kemp
LF Ethier
C Martin
2B Kent
1B Loney
SS Garciaparra
CF Jones
3B LaRoche
LH Kershaw