Dodgers 3, Nationals 2

And they did it in a crisp 2:16, making the sportswriters just as happy as the fans. Chad Billingsley was solid, scattering five hits over 7 2/3 innings. Nomar Garciaparra had the big hit for the Dodgers, a two-run single with the bases loaded in the sixth to turn a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 lead, and the Dodgers tacked on another one when James Loney followed with a run-scoring groundout. That was all it took for the boys to improve to 50-52. Snakes are pounding the Giants in the ninth, so the Dodgers will stay one game back. … BTW, I’m missing tomorrow’s game, first one all year, so unless someone else steps up, this blog is going to take a day off, as well. I’ll check in with you early Sunday morning. Have a great weekend, everybody.

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  • joshburke2

    After last night’s game, LA are 2-1 when Andruw Jones has 2 hits, 15-10 when he has 1 hit, and 15-14 when he goes 0-fer. The Dodgers are 0-3 when AJ doesn’t have an official at bat and 19-23 when he does not play at all. Theyre 32-25 when the guy gets an at bat (.561 winning percentage) compared to 19-26 (.422 winning percentage) when he doesnt! This guy controls the fortune of this team
    Quoting :[Some of his teammates are openly discussing how successful they might be if Jones can even come close to what he once was.
    “I think he’s not far away from just exploding,” Martin said. “We’ve never really seen the big boy get hot. But he’s getting good swings. He looks comfortable. He’s a big piece of the puzzle. If he gets going, that will rub off on everybody. He’s the type of guy who can carry a team. It’s coming, so be ready.” ]

    …and we’re gitting Blake for Meloan and Carlos “Supernatural” Santana