LaRoche optioned to Vegas, Sweeney activated from DL

Not sure why, other than Sweeney has been healthy and ready to go for several days now, and they were waiting for a roster spot to open up. I guess this means Nomar is the backup 3B, although Berroa and Ozuna can play there too, I believe.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    So now he gets to fight it out with DeWitt for 3rdbase in Vegas? Just put the poor guy out of his misery and trade him. He has NOTHING to prove at AAA. This is ridiculous. The Dodgers really have botched this one up BIG TIME!

  • TNDodger

    Tony, who makes these decisions? Is it Ned or Torre or both? This is just ridiculous. If you want to send LaRoche down, that’s one thing. To do it, however, for a guy thet is hitting .094 is a joke. I really feel bad for Andy. He goes into Spring Training as our likely starter at third base to being sent down to make room for a washed up pinch hitter.

  • scanman33

    It just goes to show that salary and “veteranness” are what matters on this team. Winning and talent are secondary.

  • coach

    One of the Blogs said that DeWitt will be working out at 2nd…it amy be a business but youg guys need to be encouraged not discouraged.. plus LaRoche trade value goes down if that’ going to happen at all. Without a legit backup at 3rd is ludicrous when you have 2 Guys that are 3b ..what if Blake goes down? Poor planning especially when you consider Sweeney is hitting 094..How is Young sudden oblique injury..nice to see Dodgers have Dr’ in the front office doing it all.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Nomar’s might be hurt again… and the beat goes on.

  • Buddy

    if only Colletti could be designated for assignment.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Just checked the Vegas boxscore for today. LaRoche and DeWitt were not in the lineup (they probably need a day or two to decompress), but Hu followed up his 4 hit performance of yesterday with a 3 for 3 day today. Average currently at .400 in 40 ABs. Could it be that Hu’s vision problems have cleared up.

    And could it be that Nomar is on his way back home to the DL? Anyone surprised?

    Unless they just want him to get some at bats before bringing him back to stay, I can’t figure out why they would prefer Sweeney to LaRoche. Of course, the moving of LaRoche back to Vegas could also be the prelude to his inclusion in a trade for a mediocre veteran bullpen rental. LaRoche can play anywhere in the infield, and his bat at this stage is superior to Sweeney’s. The need for a lefthanded bat off the bench makes no sense, since at this stage LaRoche can probably hit righthanders better than Sweeney.

    I don’t want to even think about what Colletti might do between now and July 31. At least the wait won’t be for much longer.

  • coach

    It is painfully obvious that laRoach has ticked someone off in LA and is buried. Based on his comments yesterday of accepting his role he never saw this coming..I know DeWitt did not either..nor Kershaw the first time around

    That kind of lack of communication causes cancer in the cubhouse… another case is Ethier how do you sit a guy who was leading your team in HR..and consistent R&L .for Andruw..maybe they have a number games written in his contract before they can release him.. Write it off – Cost of doing business no production with 25 so don;t lose the trust of Ethier in your stretch run.

    After 200 ABS the only Jones way is going to find his swing is if Wonder Boy makes him a bat.