Tonight’s lineup … and a BIG announcement coming Thursday

That announcement is that the 2009 World Baseball Classic semifinals and finals will be held at Dodger Stadium, with one semi March 21, the other semi March 22 and the final March 23. The press conference will be held on Thursday in the Stadium Club, several hours before that night’s showdown with the Snakes. I’ll be contentedly chronicling the daily doings of the Dodgers in Glendale, Ariz., on those days — that’s right around the time the opening-day roster should be starting to take shape — but some people actually find this WBC thing interesting. MLB president and COO Bob DuPuy will be on hand Thursday, along with several Dodgers officials, broadcasters and players.

Here’s tonight’s lineup. Jones still sitting. Martin also is sitting because Joe wants him to rest for one game before the Arizona series, because he is playing all four of those.

Pierre. LF
Kemp. CF
Ethier. RF
Kent. 2B
Loney. 1B
Blake. 3B
Berroa. SS
Ardoin. C
Johnson. RHP

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  • tparker

    Wow, this lineup should strike fear in the hearts of… hamsters and fluffy bunnies.

  • Buddy

    Darn, I was hoping the announcement had something to do with Colletti. The WBC is old news that just hasn’t been formalized.

    Incidentally, what a great move the Angels made today. Their management is far superior to the Dodgers by identifying a need and addressing it accordingly. If only Logan White was running things.

  • Harpo JB


    “If only Logan White was running things.”

    Yeah. He did such a great job with the Luke Hochevar contract.

    Having a good eye for talent, as White certainly seems to have, is a far cry from being able to effect trades, contracts, and the rest of the “business” side of baseball.

    If I had my druthers, assuming that the team were to replace the current general manager with someone already “in-house,” my preference would be Kim Ng.

  • max_power

    Wow Tony! Thanks for the heart attack! All I saw was the headline. The trade deadline is Thursday and us Dodger fans are nervous Ned will make a dumb trade! Phew.

  • Buddy

    Harpo JB,
    I like Kim Ng a lot and she is certainly deserving of an opportunity but compare and contrast the cumulative work of White and Colletti. Without being excruciating, Logan signed and developed Kemp, Loney, Billingsley, Kershaw, Ethier, LaRoche, and so many players that are going to be the future of this team for years to come. Billingsley is essentially the ace of the staff now and will be a star.

    Colletti signed Garicaparra, Pierre, Andrew Jones, Kent, and so many others that don’t deserve to be mentioned. White is absolutely lauded among baseball experts for his intellect and decision-making skills. I think Kim should get the Seattle gig at the end of the year and McCourt should give in to providing White a chance. The Dodgers will make another huge mistake if they let him go. Wasn’t Mike Scioscia enough?

  • D4P

    Tony – Do you know why Andy LaRoche is still in Los Angeles instead of with the team in Las Vegas…?

  • FireColletti

    Tony, I hope there is nothing to the SI story on Manny.
    Colletti would like nothing more than to pull the pin before getting axed. Kemp, Either… hell why not throw in Russell Martin for Jason Varitek? You know Theo Epstein had a s**t eating grin when he saw Colletti on his caller ID.

  • The Nug

    Solis stuff by T. Jackson on Petros and Money today. Attaboy.

  • Dave R.

    Thanks a lot Tony. Thoughts running through my head when I saw the title of this post:

    1. Colletti fired
    2. Jones DFA
    3. Manny coming to LA for Ethier and Jones

    Buddy – the same deal from our end would be Loney and a B prospect for Tex. You really think that’s a good deal?

  • Buddy

    Dave R.
    You actually bring up an interesting point regarding Texeira. Let’s analyze the Angels situation first. The Angels needed a power-hitter in the middle of the lineup to protect Vlady and strengthen their lineup. With the best record in the majors, they’re playing to succeed in the playoffs and hopefully, to win the W.S. They’re going to need all the offensive help they can get if they’re playing the Red Sox, White Sox, or other potential playoff teams. It was actually a very good smart move by Tony Reagans.

    The Dodgers are trying to compete simply to become a playoff team. There is no way one single offensive player player can help them succeed in the playoffs. They’re too offensively impotent to be successful. While it is true anything can happen in the playoffs, the Dodgers will have to rely largely on their pitching to proceed to the next round. We all know McCourt doesn’t want to raise the payroll more than it is now so financially, I don’t think Loney and a B prospect would have made much sense. If they had a more balanced lineup where a player like Texeira could possibly make the difference, I’d have to seriously look at a deal similar to what the Angels made. For now, I think the Dodgers should stick with Loney as he has yet to reach his offensive peak. If they really want to change the make-up of the club, they’ll have to wait until the off-season, let the contracts of Kent, Furcal, and Garciaparra expire and build from there. I think they’ll have to negate some of these egregious contracts first before they can really address the offense. The development of the young players for now is critical.

  • Dave R.

    Definitely agree with you there Buddy. I don’t think this team is/was one player away from competing for a WS title. If Furcal were still healthy, we had productivity out of 3B, and Saito weren’t hurt, MAYBE I make that move depending on where the Dodgers are in the standings.

    You and I are on the same page. Lowe’s contract is also expiring so they’ll have quite a bit of money to play with, but there are going to be holes at 2B, SS, and 3B. No chance the Dodgers fill all three from within, so I imagine a 2B will be the focus – Orlando Hudson, Mark Ellis, Mark Grudzielanek, or Felipe Lopez. Give Hu a shot at shortstop. For third base, Joe Crede is by far the best available, but this could be filled via trade or LaRoche/DeWitt.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Harpo JB,

    Based on what I’ve read, Luke Hochever was not Logan White’s preferred choice in 2005. The Dodgers had the 40th overall pick, and White’s preference was Clay Buchholtz. White apparently had seen a Red Sox scout at a game Buchholtz pitched, and was convinced they would take him if he was still available, with the 42nd overall pick. As the story goes, White was overruled by Paul DePodesta, and the Dodgers chose Hochever. As it turns out, this all may have worked to the Dodgers advantage. Hochever was available in the 2006 draft and was taken first overall by the Royals. Had Hochever not been available, it is highly likely that Kansas City would have taken the highest rated pitcher in that draft, Andrew Miller. Had they taken Miller, he would not have been available to the Tigers who had the 6th pick, and from what I’ve read, the Tigers would likely have taken Clayton Kershaw, who the Dodgers took with the 7th pick. So as it turns out, the Dodgers failure to sign Hochever in 2005 may well have netted then Kershaw in 2006.

    And if you think that Logan White alone was responsible for the failure to sign Hochever, think again. Hochever’s changing agents in the middle of the negotiations certainly played a role. Also, Logan White clearly did not control the Dodger purse strings. So if you want to find fault, it probably lies with DiPodesta and McCourt, or, given the debacle regarding agents, perhaps Hochever/Boras.