How this is all going to work …

… is anybody’s guess at this point, including, apparently, Joe Torre’s. He said he has no idea what he is going to do with all these outfielders. He also said they don’t know what the roster move is going to be and that it doesn’t have to be made until Manny actually gets here tomorrow. I’m guessing they DFA Delwyn Young, but they also could KEEP Delwyn Young and DFA Mark Sweeney if they think DY is going to be a better pinch hitter. But they are already going to have a deeper stable of pinch hitters because somebody (Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones) is going to be out of the lineup every night.

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  • Public_Enemy#1

    DFA DY? Wow that would be a terrible move and sadly it has a chance of happening. DFA Sweeney, he’s old and he is no longer a reliable PH plain and simple.

  • nothing_but_dodgers

    DFAing DY is not going to work. He is on the DL. It will require a cut from the 25 man roster. Even if DY is DFA’d, he will probably be snapped up pretty quick.

  • TeamHasHoles

    n_b_d does have a point Tony. Not sure you can Designate a guy on the DL and he’s not eligible to come off until next Friday or so, if my math’s correct.

    It would be a mistake anyway. He’s a switch-hitter who’s WAY more versatile than a guy like Sweeney and he’s hitting a bit better than .094!

  • If Delwyn Young is DFA’d the Dodgers will find how very quickly how much he’s worth, because teams will inevitably pick him quickly.

    I’m sure the smaller market teams will be chomping at the bit to get him into their lineup full time, in place of some hack, and see what the kid can do.