Ramirez trade confirmed

The Daily News’ Tony Jackson has received confirmation of the trade…

To Dodgers: Manny Ramirez
To Boston: Jason Bay
To Pittsburgh: Andy LaRoche, Bryan Morris (from Dodgers), Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss (from Boston)

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  • bob_85364

    Tony, How do you think the outfield will shake out?

  • max_power

    Great the Dodgers make a big move! This will help us only if the players that see diminished playing tim are Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones.

    Tony, if you get a chance to speak to Andy LaRoche tell him every Dodger fan is routing for him. We all would have like to see him blossom into the player he can be here but that isn’t going to happen. The fans here have always had his back even though management obviously didn’t.

  • Denton True

    I am shocked. I was under the impression McCourt had Colletti under orders not to significantly increase the payroll.

    If I am running the team, Pierre is my pinch runner and Jones can go watch the rest of season from home for all I care. My OF is Manny, Ethier, and Kemp.

  • bob_85364

    Foxsports is reporting the Sox will pay all of Manny’s remaining contract, if true, the Dodgers may have reduced the payroll 😉

  • TeamHasHoles

    Colletti finally had leverage and used it. Lets see if it’s enough to save his job. I’m hearing Maddux nixed a deal to come here because he didn’t think the Dodgers had a chance… Wonder what he thinks now?

  • Andrea

    I think all Dodger fans are suffering from whiplash right now due to the massive double-take we took when we first saw the confirmation. I’m amazed that Ned could pull this off for free (face it, management lost their faith in LaRoche ages ago, otherwise he’d still be up and we wouldn’t have Blake). While I’m concerned about what this might do to Ethier and Kemp’s playing time (although Kemp has proven he can effectively lead off, maybe Pierre will be the odd man out this time, and maybe Jones gets released?), I’m excited we’re getting Manny, even if it’s only for 2 months.


  • Mario DiLeo

    This is a good trade for L.A. if Manny produces more runs than he’ll give up in right field, assuming Kemp stays in CF and Ethier in LF…now will we PLEASE cut Mark “Celtic Lover” Sweeney??

  • Public_Enemy#1

    What are the odds that he will resign??? Is there even a possibility?

  • Dave R.

    Colletti resign? I wish.

    Guessing you meant Manny “re-sign”. I’d say 50/50.