I’m sure they did a similar montage for Casey Blake

You may recall that I missed a game for the first time all year on Saturday, when my daughter was visiting and I took her to the beach. Well, that was Casey Blake’s first night with the Dodgers, and I’m SURE they did a long, musical montage tribute to HIM on the big DodgerVision board in left field, just like the one they just did for Manny as he was about to come to bat to lead off the bottom of the second inning. Ummmm, … yeah, I’m SURE that happened. Anyway, this thing featured several of Manny’s career highlights. Randy Johnson seemed to cooperate by taking a long time to get to the mound. Anyway, Manny came to the plate to a standing ovation and promptly grounded out on Randy’s first pitch, the first of four pitches Randy would need to retire the Dodgers in order. Hey, at least Manny ran hard to first base.

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  • Marcel

    Casey Blake is overrated. Defense is good, but K’s WAY too much.

  • ManRam

    Tony…why is Blake batting 2nd? He’s from the AL, he’s slow and I haven’t seen him hit a ball to right field yet! Clearly Russell should be hitting in the second spot.

  • bruinfan319

    What does Blake being from the AL have anything to do with batting order? Isn’t Manny from the AL? Should he be hitting 7th then?

    Blake’s hitting .345 as a Dodger with a homer and 4 doubles. It’s time for him to get some respect