Manny has arrived

Manny Ramirez just arrived at the ballpark. As he and his agent, Scott Boras, were walking around the top of the park, they were met by general manager Ned Colletti and owner Frank McCourt. Ramirez, wearing a dark blue shirt, white do-rag and jeans, put his arm around Colletti and smiled. He briefly put his arm around McCourt, then strode around the top of the park with his arm around Colletti. Ramirez seemed thrilled to be out of Boston. There were a few fans at the top of the park who were taking pictures with their cell phones. One fan asked Ramirez if he would sign his ticket stub, but Ramirez declined, saying he had to get ready for the game and needed to meet his new teammates. Ramirez has a press conference scheduled for 4 p.m.

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  • Public_Enemy#1

    Tony,any news about the roster move that needs to be made?

  • Buddy

    While I am particularly sad to see Andy LaRoche go, especially after the way the Dodgers treated him, the Manny Ramirez still proved to be a critical one for the Dodgers. He’ll bring some much needed pop and energy into the lineup. If he remains next year, he’ll need a left-handed bat to help protect him in the middle of the lineup. Now the Dodgers have a genuine player to build around thanks to the financial gift by the Red Sox.

    I’m glad LaRoche is already playing in Pittsburgh. He deserves to be an everyday third baseman and the Dodgers continuously negated his potential. He’ll have a stellar career.