This is pure speculation on my part, so don’t take it to the bank …

… but there was a lengthy conversation just inside the doors leading to the Dodgers’ clubhouse this morning between Joe Torre and Scott Boras, and while I have no idea what it was about, my strong suspicion is it might have been about Andruw Jones and the possibility of him going to the minors for a few days to try to get his swing right. When the conversation finally ended, I saw Joe and Ned Colletti go into Joe’s office.
Without coming right out and saying, “Hey, what were you and Boras talking about?” I did go fishing with Joe during his pregame session. What I asked, specifically, was whether sending Andruw to the minors for a few days was a possibility.
This was Joe’s answer:
“We’re trying to fix Andruw. He is going to have to do it off the bench at this point in time. He is working on some stuff with (extra hitting coach) Jeff (Pentland) and (hitting coach) Donnie (Mattingly). But long-term, I think we’re going to have to see some signs to get him back to regular status at this point in time.”
I then specifically asked if going to the minors has been presented to Andruw. Joe said it hasn’t, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been presented to Boras. This sort of thing typically goes to the agent first.
Although it can’t officially be called a rehab, sending Jones down essentially would amount to the club asking him to complete the minor-league rehab assignment he cut short a month ago, the one that was supposed to last two weeks longer than it did. He was only in Vegas for three days, during which he was said to have shown a dramatically improved swing with his surgically repaired leg. But at Jones’ own suggestion, he was activated on July 4 to make up for the fact the club had lost Juan Pierre to the DL. Pierre is back now. But Jones still isn’t any better than he was even before knee surgery.

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  • max_power

    Hopefully we can send Pierre with him and finally have our best lineup out there on an everyday basis!

  • Harpo JB

    Hmmm …

    It sounds as though Colletti and/or Torre read Bill Shaikin’s column in the other newspaper:,0,6279826.story

  • Dave R.

    Let’s also send Sweeney and Berroa (bring Hu back) down with Jones. Pierre? Yeah, but he has speed!!! Never mind the 29 games in a row without a walk and 20 without an extra-base hit. He’s a GAMER and “KNOWS HOW TO WIN”.

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Hopefully we can send benchsittin ethier to the Nippon Ham Fighters where he perhaps might be able to play on an everyday basis!

  • karlo

    La Russa bats the pitcher 8th when Adam Kennedy plays second for the Cards. If we must play Pierre instead of Ethier, why not try Juan in the 9-spot?