Minor matters during rain delay No. 2

The Dodgers signed former major-league lefty Eric DuBose today to a minor-league contract and assigned him to Jacksonville. … Preston Mattingly was placed on the seven-day disabled list at Great Lakes with lower back tightness. … They unveiled the official logo for next year’s All-Star Game before the game tonight. Not surprisingly, it features the famous arch. And a cardinal sitting on a bat. But only one cardinal, for some reason. … One of you asked for a press box photo. Well, I tried, but I’m not going to be able to accommodate. I’m discontinuing the posting of photos on this blog until further notice. The process is simply too long and too complicated, and it usually takes me about an hour to do it, and with the demands of the beat these days, I simply don’t have the time. My apologies.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    That’s a shame… It shouldn’t be that difficult to post a jpg. Not your fault Tony, of course, but someone at Daily News I.T. should work on that. I mean, you do work for a newspaper, the online version of which publishes dozens of pics each day.

  • Tony Jackson

    Team, you’re absolutely right, IMHO. It SHOULDN’T be that difficult

  • scanman33

    I’m glad Broxton was saved for a situation that never came.

  • love russ

    tony, is there something really wrong with broxton’s arm? i’m scared.. we can’t lose brox.. if he’s healthy, why wouldn’t joe use him? he hasn’t pitched since friday. can you let us know?