Torre admits Jason Schmidt probably won’t be back

Said this morning, before the game, that Schmidt is probably done for 2008.

“Yes, for this year,” Torre said. “At this juncture, a lot would have to happen in a hurry for him to be able to pitch for us at this level. He would have to start throwing bullpens (now), and then his rehab probably would take him through the second week of September at this point. I think it would be a long shot.”

Don’t forget, the minor-league regular season ends on Labor Day, so Schmidt is running out of time even for a rehab assignment, and for now, there isn’t even a side session planned. Torre did say Scott Proctor is feeling better and is close to resuming his rehab assignment, which was stopped after one appearance at Single-A Inland Empire.

Jeff Kent batting third today. Torre said it’s only because Russell Martin is sitting, but Torre also was non-committal when I asked him if Martin will go back into the three-hole tomorrow night. Since the Manny trade, Manny has hit behind Martin in every game until today. In those games, Martin is 5 for 22 with seven strikeouts. But of the six times he has reached base, he has scored four times.

CF Pierre
RF Kemp
2B Kent
LF Ramirez
1B Loney
3B Blake
SS Berroa
C Ardoin
LH Kershaw

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  • Luke McCain

    I’m not surprised about Schmidt but am disappointed. I was hoping that he would be back at full strength for the stretch drive and post season. As they say, “Hope is for fools.”