Brian Falkenborg DFA’d

Amazing how quickly life can change. Five weeks ago Sunday, on July 6, Falkenborg was the winning pitcher in a game right here at AT&T Park. It was his second career win and his first win since Mother’s Day 2004, his previous stint with the Dodgers.
“Wins are like the Olympics for me,” Falkenborg said that day last month, in reference to the fact his two wins had come four years apart.
That later proved not to be true — he won again on July 21 at Colorado. But even tripling his career win total wasn’t enough to save his spot on the team. This is a veteran reliever with some ability, so it is conceivable that he might not clear waivers and the Dodgers might end up losing him to another team.
This move was made to clear a roster spot for Brad Penny.

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  • max_power

    Scott Proctor II is gone!

  • rjthrelkeld

    Scott Proctor is much better than Falkenborg who should be grateful for the time he got, which is more than he deserved. More Corey Wades, fewer PCL retreads.

  • Shawh

    Tony, what is wrong with Penny’s velocity? He’s having trouble hitting 90 on the gun.