Dodgers 6, Giants 2

Brad Penny was good. Not great. Maybe not even good enough to beat a good-hitting team, which the Giants most certainly are not. But in his first start since June 15, he was as good as the Dodgers needed him to be to help them get to 58-57 and within a half-game of the Snakes. Jeff Kent had a three-run double in a five-run Dodgers third. Danny Ardoin hit his first home run in the majors in almost three years. Casey Blake hit his second home run for the Dodgers. Angel Berroa drove in a run with a two-out double in the third, his third extra-base hit in a span of 10 plate appearances. And Broxton got his seventh save, striking out Randy Winn with the bases jacked to end it. … Brian Falkenborg was still around after the game. Said if he clears waivers, he’ll accept an assignment to Vegas, his logic being that if no team claims him off waivers, no team is going to then sign him as a free agent to pitch in the majors. Also said that while no one promised him anything in terms of a September callup, “they said there is a good chance.” He also said he had been DFA’d several times in the past, and no team had ever put in a waiver claim on him. My guess is we’ll see him in a few weeks.

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  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Regarding Angel Berroa. I don’t see him as a long term solution at SS, but at least I no longer see him as an automatic out. Seems lately that he’s having better at bats, and it appears when he steps to the plate there’s a chance he might actually do something. Perhaps Nomar will come back, but I won’t hold my breath waiting. Maybe even Furcal, but again, I’m not holding my breath. Berroa has certainly done the job defensively, and for the time being he seems an adequate solution at SS, at least as long as he provides some offense.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Berroa’s fine. He’s better than overpaying for Jack Wilson or Orlando Cabrera. In fact, platooning him with Nomar (Nomar gets 2 out of 3 games maybe – odd thinking about platooning two righthanded hitters, but…) wouldn’t be too bad. Berroa’s defense makes up for his shortcomings at the plate, although anyone will agree with Brooklyn, he’s not long term there.

    I’m still holding out hope we can get a couple weeks out of Furcal and then maybe some playoffs. He’s really this team’s MVP and even with “The Machine” in left field (Sorry Sasha, but you ain’t the REAL Machine, Manny is) we still need him to be a consistent offensive team.