Giants 3, Dodgers 2

Jonathan Broxton blew a save for the sixth time in 13 chances, but that’s a deceiving stat. The first five came before he was closing. The encouraging thing, manager Joe Torre said, was that he came out throwing strikes, something that was absent from his performances on Thursday at St. Louis and Friday night here, when he converted the save both times despite shaky performances. And if Broxton hadn’t made a wild throw on Emmanuel Burriss’ bouncer, maybe he would have gotten Dave Roberts at the plate, and maybe he would have converted the save. If this were a real division race — the kind in which two really good teams fight each other for the lead — this would be the kind of loss that could prove devastating for the Dodgers. But this is the N.L. West, where mediocrity ultimately will reign. And besides, the D-backs lost Orlando Hudson tonight to a wrist injury, possibly for the rest of the season. This race is like a couple of 102-year-old guys who are trying to see who can go the longest without dying. Dodgers fall to 58-58 and stay a half-game behind the Snakes, who will try to avoid a four-game sweep by the Braves tomorrow when they send Brandon Webb to the hill. Yes, the Dodgers missed a golden opportunity. But in the N.L. West, there will be other golden opportunities.

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  • D’Accardo42

    Can anyone explain to me why the infield was playing in with Rowand at the plate, the bases loaded, and one out. Why were we not at DP depth? Even if Rowand hits a weak grounder we have a shot at the force at the plate.

  • ebbetsfld

    Great comment on the NL West pennant race, Tony. I just hope the Dodgers can act their age and the DBacks continue to perform like geriatrics!

  • Buddy

    Martin’s passed ball was also a critical play in the game. If he made the play, there would have been two outs in the inning and Roberts probably would not have been able to score.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see the Dodgers defensive alignment in the last inning. It’s pretty nonsensical to play the infield in like that with one out in the inning.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    If Hudson is indeed lost for the season, that’s a huge loss for the D-Backs, both offensively and defensively. Much the same as the loss of Furcal by the Dodgers. Without knowing who Arizona will bring up to replace him, I’m guessing that Augie Ojeda will take over at 2B. I actually like Ojeda, but Orlando Hudson he is not. Ojeda’s insertion in the starting lineup also weakens their bench, where he is a valuable piece.

    Enough about the D-Backs. All the Dodgers need to win the division is to take care of their own business, and everything else will fall into place, Orlando Hudson notwithstanding.