Giants 5, Dodgers 4

It’s one thing to bounce back from one of these. But to bounce back from two of them in a row? When you have two good teams coming in back-to-back beginning tomorrow? When you could have been in first place if you could have just held a ninth-inning lead last night and then held another one today? This could be the beginning of the end, folks. But hey, 2009 isn’t that far away. … Saw a Giants visiting clubhouse attendant actually putting a rubber band in the back of Manny’s hair after the game. Hope the kid got a nice tip. The things clubbies have to do for ballplayers. … In yet another example of ballpark security guards everywhere trying to make sure big-league ballplayers never have to breathe the same oxygen as the great unwashed, I actually witnessed, on my way back to the press box, two guards telling a group of stadium employees they couldn’t go down a hallway to clock out — something they HAVE to do before they can go home — because that hallway led to the parking lot where the Dodgers were boarding their team bus. … Dodgers fall to 58-59 and 1 1/2 behind the Snakes, less than 24 hours after they were three outs away from vaulting into the division lead.

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  • USC’89

    This weekends games were totally pathetic. Torre clearly has not infused this team with the hunger and desire to win. To blow two games in the middle of a pennant race to a crappy team (and your rival no less) is unacceptable.

  • snuffy02

    With all the Man Ram hub bub Colletti forgot to get a closer before the trade deadline. Broxton looks like he has a sore arm while Kuo & the others are not reliable. Saito is greatly missed; possibly more than Furcal. Is Oakland’s Hutson Street still available?

  • Buddy

    Trust me, Huston St. should not be an option. There are other reasons besides financial flexibility Billy Beane is trying to move him. The Dodgers should probably find their closer from within. Derek Lowe who as closed before could be an option.

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    You want Huston Street? 4.65 ERA, 18 saves in 24 opportunities (that translates to 6 blown saves, or a save rate of 75%).

    Here’s his stats:

    Broxton looks like he has a sore arm? Really!!!! I believe he was hitting 97, 98, 99 during his blown save against the Giants. He wasn’t used today because he had worked in the previous 3 games. Prior to the blown save he was 7 for 7 since taking over for Saito. What’s the problem?

    As for Kuo, it wasn’t his best outing, but you would have been singing a different tune if Casey Blake had turned a double play. Ozuna also had a problem getting a handle on the ball hit to him, or else that would also have been a double play. To call Kuo “unreliable” after one bad outing is unfair, to say the least.

    The problem with the Dodgers is not there bullpen. Rather it’s an offense that rarely ever tacks on runs, and is forever putting pressure on the bullpen, which generally has very little margin for error. Manny or no Manny, this offense simply does not score enough runs, and as I said, has a habit of not tacking on runs when they have the lead. The Dodgers have a lot of good young offensive talent, but to this point they have yet to fully mature into the players I believe they will become. That could still come this year, or we just might have to wait until next year for all that they have learned in 2008 to fall into place. Like Tony said, “…2009 isn’t that far away.”

  • max_power

    Our defense has been a bigger problem then Kuo and Broxton. Torre didn’t help Broxton out much when he played the infield in with bases loaded and 1 out. I understand playing the corners in but you’ve gotta have the shortstop and 2nd baseman in double play depth especially with Rowand at the plate. If it was Dave Roberts or someone else with speed then play the middle in. Blake made a common mistake today that sort of stuff just happens. Very frustrating but as Kuo said “It happens man”

  • TeamHasHoles

    Kuo made the pitches he needed to make to get out of the inning. His defense failed him completely. Kuo’s been a stud all year. To call him inneffective is pretty laughable.

  • snuffy02

    Whatever happened to Luis Maza since his DFA? He seemed to be a better defensive replacement than Ozuna or Berroa.

  • Marcel

    Maza is playing for Las Vegas (mostly LF).

  • phillydodger

    I love you to pieces, but sometimes you amaze and puzzle me! When the D’s lost on Sat night you thought it was no big deal given the division and the D-backs struggling play. Now they lose again on Sunday and suddenly it’s time to pack it in until 2009?!?

    I am just as concerned as anyone about Broxton’s arm and head going down the stretch run, but even more so about the team’s offense and defense. Both are struggling indeed – and not even Manny batting .500 has been able to reverse that.

    This week will be a true litmus test with two playoff teams coming to town!

  • probotic

    Calm down…Broxton was 7-7 in save situations since Saito went out, so Saturday was going to happen sooner than later. As for Sunday, that was more defensive issues on Blake (1st error as Dodger), Ozuna, and Kuo.

    So, all in all that was just 2 bad things at bad times… Not like Broxton blew 2 saves in a row…The Dodgers did…once on pitching, once on defense.

    AZ lost Hudson, but gained Dunn…Still leaves them weak at 2nd…Let’s try a little positivity on the Dodgers, versus the usual complaining…starting to remind me of my girlfriend.

    GO BLUE!

  • Harpo JB

    “Let’s try a little positivity on the Dodgers ”
    Okay, …
    I’m POSITIVE that if the Dodgers keep shooting themselves in the foot and throwing away opportunity after opportunity, they’ll miss postseason play again, for the twentieth year in a row!
    How’s that?

  • Mario DiLeo

    Uh-oh…if we can’t rely on Broxton to pitch back-to-back games, we really are in trouble…agree with Buddy, let’s stick Lowe back in the bully and have a closer by committee the rest of the way…can Koplove come back after the Olympics? Assuming of course, we’re still in it…

  • phillydodger

    i am all about positivity on the D’s – just would like to see them go on a WIN STREAK – something like a 6 or 8 gamer and really grab this thing by the throat. i think the manager, in no small part is to blame for this. joe has more lineups and juggling acts with the outfield and trying to figure who to bat before and after manny.

    why not bat manny third…is that so hard??? and kent in the cleanup spot.

    also why not claim d. ross from the Reds. a former Dodger who has a better bat and arm than Ardoin.

  • El Lay Dave

    Dave Ross would certainly be better than the seemingly inevitable Sept. 1 recall of Gary Bennett (ugh).

  • probotic

    they’ll miss postseason play again, for the twentieth year in a row!

    How’s that?”

    How’s that? I’d say that’s incorrect.

    Let’s see we’ve made the playoffs all of the following years (within your 20 year claim):


    Sure it hasn’t been pretty over the 20 years, but we’ve advanced. As for this season we have 44 more games to play, it’s far from over, so lets try supporting our team….what fun would it be if we already clinched.