Penny’s bullpen looks OK

Of course, no one has a radar gun on a pitcher when he throws a bullpen. But everything seemed fine. “It was normal,” Joe Torre said. “Nothing unusual for him. He had some (shoulder) stiffness, but he said that’s normal for all the bullpens he throws.” His next scheduled start in on Wednesday night against the Phillies.

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  • max_power

    Maybe stiffness in his shoulder is normal for Penny but I’d have to think that any other pitcher that has been down for 8 week with shoulder problems would be worried. Too many guys have been “gutting” it out and playing hurt and it hasn’t helped the team.

  • Buddy

    Manny being Manny. Excellent clutch hit.

  • love russ

    tony, can you give an update on russell’s hand? i know he stayed in the game, but it certainly was a play that could have resulted in a broken hand.. so i’m worried. please provide any info there is.. thanks!

  • Tony Jackson

    Russell is fine. Said he’ll play tomorrow.

  • love russ

    thanks tony.