Tragedy hits close to home

My deepest sympathies go out today to Dave Miley, a man I am proud to call my friend and one of the truly good people in this game. Dave’s son, Cody, was killed in a car crash this morning in Tampa. He would have turned 18 next week — just a few months older than my own daughter. I can’t even begin to imagine the level of grief that accompanies such a loss. Dave is the Yankees’ Triple-A manager at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. He was the Reds’ Triple-A manager and later their major-league manager during the four years in which I covered the team. Below is a link to the story in the Tampa Tribune, partially written by another mutual friend of mine and Dave’s, Marc Lancaster.

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  • El Lay Dave

    My condolences to the Miley family and friends. Tony, as the father of an 18-year old daughter myself, I know exactly what you mean; in fact, we had a close call recently of our own because she recently fell asleep at the wheel and curbed the car onto the sidewalk, narrowly missing a parked van and a lightpole. And I can’t imagine the grief either.

  • My condolences to you and Miley’s family, Tony.

  • Dave R.

    Ugh…as a fellow parent, I can’t begin to imagine what the Miley family is going through. Condolences.