Brian Falkenborg claimed by Padres … and Marty Reed’s reaction to his ouster

Not terribly surprising that the Dodgers lose Falkenborg, a veteran big leaguer. He had been DFA’d several times in his career and had never been claimed off waivers before, so he was fully prepared to accept an assignment to Las Vegas. Now, he won’t have to. …

Marty Reed called me back a few minutes ago. I mentioned in my previous post that he had been relieved of his duties immediately. Turns out the roving coordinators have all stopped traveling by this time of year, anyway, so his year was over. And again, he’ll be paid through the end of his contract, which runs through Oct. 31.
“I was disappointed,” he said. “I had spent 10 years in the organization, so there was no question I was disappointed.”
He also said he wasn’t given a reason and didn’t ask for one.
“DeJon Watson just called me and said he wasn’t renewing my contract for 2009,” Reed said. “I pretty much said, `OK.’ It wasn’t my decision to make.”
Marty had been in his present role for four years after previous serving as pitching coach at high Single-A Vero Beach and Double-A Jacksonville. As the Dodgers’ roving coordinator, he played a major role in the development of several of the club’s top young pitchers, including Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ramon Troncoso, Cory Wade, Jonathan Broxton and Hong-Chih Kuo.
“I just want to make it very clear how much I love those kids and how much I love this organization, and it’s very difficult to leave it,” said Reed, who lives outside Charlotte, N.C. “In my heart, I will always be a Dodger, and I try to live up to those standards. It’s what being a Dodger is all about, the loyalty and the dedication.”

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  • ebbetsfld

    As I said in the previous thread, “CLASS GUY”!!!

  • Harpo JB

    Wednesday night’s lineup:
    Kemp, CF
    Ethier, RF
    Kent, 2B
    Ramrez, LF
    Loney, 1B
    Blake, 3B
    Nomar, SS
    Martin, C
    Penny, P

  • Dave R.

    Martin 8th? Yeah he’s been slumping, but that’s ridiculous.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Tony, remember when you said that a better hitting team would have beaten Penny in his first outing. Sometimes I hate it when you’re right.

    This is a major problem for the Dodgers.

  • Buddy

    Any truth to the rumor that Juan Pierre drew a walk? Just heard it through the grapevine.

  • Buddy

    His rare walk was a key factor in tonight’s outcome. If he only had an OBP 100 points higher, he might be a decent player.