Brad Penny to DL, along with Cory Wade; Eric Stults, Tanyon Sturtze promoted

Despite what I wrote on this blog last night — the thing about it being good news that Penny seemed to be dealing with two different issues in his two starts — he just didn’t look right in either one of them. Went for an MRI today, the result of which aren’t yet known, but he can’t even throw a baseball for about five days. Torre said Penny will be replaced in the rotation by whoever is rested and ready the next time it comes up (Jason Johnson, Eric Stults, etc.). There is an off-day on Monday, but Torre seemed to hint they’ll use Penny’s rotation spot on Tuesday against Colorado instead of skipping it. … Like Penny, Cory Wade has shoulder inflammation). Stults is on the 40-man, Tanyon Sturtze isn’t, but the roster was at 39 so there is no corresponding move.

By the way, Manny got his hair cut. Sort of. Put it this way, when I saw him for the first time today, I couldn’t even tell.

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