Dodgers still looking for a pitcher?

Joe Torre says he’s not counting on Brad Penny coming back —

“Nothing anybody has said to me makes me say that. It’s just (based) off what has happened this year. He did his time on the DL and did the slow process of coming back, of rehab and all that. There just seems to be something that just doesn’t feel right, I guess.”

— and hinted that perhaps the Dodgers should go get another starter.

“If it’s somebody who makes us better, I certainly would lean towards that.”

Last time I checked, it didn’t appear that anything was going on with Greg Maddux. Not sure if there are any other frontline starters who have cleared waivers. … Also, Torre says that even if Rafael Furcal comes back, he probably can’t be counted on as an everyday player after missing so much time.

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  • max_power

    Tony, did Joe Torre really say this today? If so, can you ask him if he was serious or just trying to be funny.

    “I tried to reason who was going to give me the better at-bat – Berroa or Loney,”

  • Tony Jackson

    I didn’t hear that. But since I’m not covering the game (Padilla is), I wasn’t listening that closely