Dodgers 7, Brewers 5

Andre Ethier’s second career multiple-home run game was enough to carry the Dodgers to their third walkoff victory and their sixth win in the first seven games of this monumentally important homestand. All seven of those games, and all six of those wins, have come against teams that were either leading their division when they arrived here (Phillies) or were leading (and are still leading) in the wild card (Brewers). For perhaps the first time this season, you can call these Dodgers a legitimately good team that has a real shot not only of getting to the playoffs, but of lasting a while when they do. Thirty-eight games to go. They improve to 64-60 and pull back into a first-place tie with the Snakes. … For some reason, they played Don’t Stop Believing going into the TOP of the ninth today. Obviously, that messed up the karma. Dodgers blew a four-run lead. But Ethier’s walkoff in the bottom of the inning made up for it. Off-day tomorrow. First one in two weeks, last one for 2 1/2. See ya Tuesday.

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  • Harpo JB

    For getting the goat horns off their heads, Loney and Park owe Ethier dinner at the best restaurant in town!

  • Buddy

    If this doesn’t validate Pierre’s benching, I don’t know what does.

  • Harpo JB

    Pierre won’t be totally “benched” as long as his numbers against left-handed pitching are so much better than Ethier’s.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Speaking of validation, maybe Park giving Ethier a chance to bat in the ninth helped to further validate why he should be in the lineup everyday. Chances are (not my choice) that Pierre will continue to start against lefthanders. I know that Ethier hasn’t hit lefthanders well this season, but he did in 2006 and 2007.

    By the way, I wasn’t happy with the pitch selection against Braun on the 0-2 pitch in the ninth. I agreed with the use of the slider for the first two pitches, but thought the Dodgers were pushing it by coming back with the same pitch for the third time in a row against a hitter of Braun’s caliber. A fastball up (and preferably inside) made more sense to me. If that pitch missed, then maybe come back with the slider. Oh well, everything worked out.

    Ethier’s homerun was not only huge because it won the game, but also because it precluded the need to go deeper into an already taxed bullpen.

  • max_power

    Pierre’s stats against lefties are meaningless. Slappy can’t hold Ethier’s jock. Colorado is throwing two lefties this upcoming series. Joe has this new idea of benching Loney against lefties and playing Nomar at first with Berroa at short. That on top of him more then likely benching Ethier for Slappy makes me pretty nervous about this series.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Know what makes me nervous about this series? Last season.

  • max_power

    I heard Ned was in attendance for J Mac’s start tonight. Tony, do you know if they sent someone with Ned who actually knows what to look for while scouting a player?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I don’t think Loney will be benched and effectively replaced by Berroa, who can’t hit righties or lefties. Last time Loney was benched, if my flawed memory serves me correct, was when Torre decided to give Martin a day off from catching, and started Ardoin behind the plate, moved Martin to third, and Blake to first.

    Actually, Loney’s been quiet with the bat lately. However, he’s done that before only to erupt over long stretches. Would love to see him repeat, or come close to last September (which followed a cold August) when he hit 9 HRs and had 32 RBIs. Seems like he’s been sitting on 9 HRs for quite a while. Martin’s picked it up lately, and hopefully Loney is next.

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Hey, the journEyman RFr had a couple of blind squirrel moments – now go sit ‘old idle’ back down on the bench where he belongs Joe. He is no doubt “exhausted” after hitting his 39th career hr – in but 3 years and almost 1300 at bats. Oxygen please/be still Dodger hearts!

    Oh, and be very careful – with all the faux excitement we wouldn’t want him to stumble & get hurt or anything – that would be terrible…huh. Likely the journey ‘e’ will revert to form down the stretch anyway – back to the bench, far end o’.

    No matter, fortunately Juan Pierre is available and a better option anyway.

    Juan Pi-erre!


    : )

  • AZShaker

    Hey everybody, 5th OF, or as we all know him, I, Skeptic from is in the da house!!!

    How p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c!!!

    Since he’s been banned so many times, he now posts as hawaii 5-0. His post above is a duplicate from a post he made on yesterday.


    Juan Pierre on the bench!!! B-E-N-C-H!!!


  • Mario DiLeo

    Max, what SHOULD Colletti look for when McDonald pitches other than velocity, location of pitches, command of everything in his repetoire, how he holds runners, his cooperation with his catcher, manager or who ever is calling his pitches; whether he tips off batters with his delivery and something intangible that baseball men call “poise.”? Since they have the DH in the PCL, they can’t scout his bunting ability…have I left anything out?

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Thot something smelled rotten just east of LA, as in RF. The ‘az’ doth protest too much, butt then . . .

    Juan Pi-erre!


    : )

  • rjthrelkeld

    Fity OF,

    I couldn’t disagree wit’ you more but you sure make me laugh. Keep up the subversive reevo man-U-veering!!

  • lawdog


    Just when I thought all the pieces to the puzzle (except for a closer) were finally coming together with just the right mix of future superstar youngsters and grizzled veterans who can hit with power in the clutch who act like perfect role models for the kidsGood old Jeff Kent has to open his mouth and proceeds to faht loudly and proudly for several boorish minutes about what a jerk Vin Scully hapens to be in his opinion.



    Id always heard Jeff Kent was just as big an a$$hole as his nemisis in SF (just without the barcalounger and cuban cigars), but what a way to prove it!

    To yell at Vinny and tell to shut up is down right sacrilegious. I hope, for Kents sake, Tommy wasnt close enough to hear that kind of blasphemy. If the Big Dodger in the Sky happened to get wind of what he said.

    Telling Vinny to shut his yap is akin to asking the sun not to rise or screaming at the nightingale for making all that screeching squacking noise.

    Good heavens man! Now I know whats bveen wrong in the Dodger clubhouse these past few seasons.

    Actually, Kent has an awful lot of nerve to say what he just said about the finest sportscaster of all time who still, as an octogeneraian, puts allothers of his ilk to shame once he puts the microphone in his hand. He not only knows baseball better than most swine masquerading as players like Mr. Kent, he is so eloquent as a pubic speaker Im sure there are many who, as kids, modeled their technique to be more like Vinny. I know I did starting as a 10 year old. I never would have been able to win an argument before a jury if it wasnt for the influence of Vin Skully. I guess he was as much a childhood hero for me as was Duke Snider and Sandy Koufax.

    The truth about Kent is that he is now a mere shadow of what he once was. With out the Mannyman hitting behind him hes a .240 hitter who no longer can hit in the clutch and can only hit grooved fatballs. With the additgion of Manny to the team, Kent is getting a steady diet of grooved fatballs, is hitting like he was 30 instead of 40 and is now earning his pay check instead of stealing it.

    Kent should shut his yap and show a little respect to his betters. Kent isnt worthy of washing Scullys jock strap, much less carrying it.

  • Harpo JB

    Lawdog’s eloquence inspired a couple of questions:

    1. Which of your three different spellings of the Dodgers’ broadcaster’s surname is the correct one? Sculley, Scully or Skully?

    2. Do all broadcasters wear jock straps, or just Vin?

    P.S. Nice touch with the dollar-sign-disguised profanity the crutch on which leans a crippled mind.

  • Andrea

    Maddux is on the way back to the Dodgers … who’s going to SD in the trade hasn’t been announced.

  • phillydodger

    ironic that Kent always complained about the Dodger youth not respecting their elders – and here he goes and pulls this crap… who knows what context or meaning he had in mind..I just know that he should just shut his trap and play…he has not hit like an clean up hitter all year and now Manny is on board and Kent is on fire. Coincidence – maybe. But we know better.

  • The 5th Outfielder

    “Maddux is on the way back to the Dodgers … who’s going to SD in the trade hasn’t been announced.”

    – the journey ‘e’, the 5th outfielder…ethier; Dodgers got the better end of this deal

  • lawdog

    Hey Hairballl JB.

    You feel like you made some sort of big argumentative score by pointin’ out I mis-spelt Vinny’s lassed name twice? Andi guest yu’musta taken issue with the way I spelt yer last name in reference to Kent’s reputation in our clubbyhouse?

    Did you make a single comment or point about the substance of what I typed the other night at 11:30 when most human beings aren’t watching the keyboard for every possible incorrect keystroke? Or did you just want to ridicule my spelling to maybe discourage me from posting at this location??

    Just for your information, ridicule is considered the lowest form of argument when it comes to the rules of debate. If that’s all you’ve got, sonny, I’m afraid you don’t have anything at all.