Tonight’s lineup: Pierre in against the lefty

The gap is widening. Pierre now hitting 152 points higher than Ethier (.354 to .202) against left-handed pitchers — although Ethier still has three more home runs against lefties this season than Pierre has against ANY pitcher since the start of last year (that would be ZERO).

Pierre CF
Kemp RF
Kent 2B
Ramirez LF
Garciaparra SS
Blake 1B
Martin 3B
Ardoin C
Billingsley P

  • max_power

    As yes, Joe Torre contiunes to run Russell into the ground. I hate these “days offs at 3rd” games. Russell needs a break Joe! I’m done complaining about Pierre. He’s a black hole at the top of the order and Joe is never going to realize that and it has probably cost us the division. I wonder how many games we’d be in front of Arizona if Juan Pierre and Andruw Jone had played 0 games for us this season.