Where it all began

Greetings from one of my favorite stops on the tour. If you have never been to Philadelphia, it’s well worth the trip just to take in the history of the place. I once took a guided tour of Independence Hall, and they take you right into the room where the U.S. Constitution was ratified. Or was it the Declaration of Independence? All those history classes I took, you would think I should know that. The room has been preserved to look much the way it did then, and the tour guide even claimed that the ink well sitting on the table in the front of the room was the ACTUAL ink well that they used. Even more interesting than that, though, is to walk around in the Society Hill neighborhood and check out some of the old townhouses that are there. Many of them have the dates they were built posted on the outside, and a few of them have been standing since the 18th century. From the press box at Citizens Bank Park, you can see the downtown skyline in the distance, beyond left-center field, and you can very easily spot the 37-foot-high statue of William Penn atop the City Hall spire. Oh, and the cheesesteaks aren’t bad, either. Wonder if the boys sent out for a few of those while they were working on the Constitution (or was it the Declaration of Independence?)

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  • raygu

    Tony-I will be attending tonight’s game in Philly-section 127 with the family. I’ll send up a beer. Weather is great today.

  • Buddy

    If I remember correctly, isn’t there an urban legend in Philly stating that if any building is erected higher than the William Penn statue, no professional team in Philly will ever win a championship?

    There was a building erected higher than the Penn statue in the 80s or 90s and no professional team has once since.

  • JLS23

    tony- troyfromwestvirginia told me he will be at this series, thought im not sure which games. if you have a troy sighting please share with us.

  • phillydodger

    Remember go to Gino’s Cheesesteaks and not Pat’s or Tony Luke’s. Gino’s is still the cleanest, fastest with the best steaks in town.

  • Tony Jackson

    I’m more of a fan of Jim’s on South Street. Go there after games when there is no line. … And there are actually SEVERAL buildings taller than William Penn now, including this one that towers over all the rest that I think was still being built the last time we were here.

  • Andrea

    The Declaration of Independence = Independence Hall. The Constitution = Philadelphia State House.