Phillies 9, Dodgers 2 — and Frito makes a good chip!!!

That’s what one of the TV production guys just yelled down the hall from the press box as he packed up the TV production equipment for the day. Not sure what elicited that exclamation, but I’m assuming the guy must have just eaten a bag of them. Anyway, the Dodgers with Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake are starting to look a lot like the Dodgers before Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake. Ramirez and Blake are struggling for the first time since they got here, and the rest of the lineup is struggling, too, a fact that might suggest this team is way too reliant on the two newcomers. Torre said it has more to do with a lack of production at the top, where Kemp and Ethier were a combined 0 for 8 today, are a combined 1 for 16 in this series and are a combined 3 for 24 over the past three games. Jeff Kent is 0 for 8 in this series, too, meaning the top three batters in the Dodgers’ lineup are a combined 1 for 24 in the first two games here. That doesn’t completely explain why Manny has now gone five games without an RBI, his last three coming on that first-inning home run against the Brewers on Sunday. But it explains it to a point. … Kemp had little to say on the matter of why that fly ball fell 30 feet behind him, other than to say, “I guess,” in acknowledgement of a suggestion he lost the ball in the sun. When asked how long he saw it before losing it, he said, “That’s a great question. I would have caught it if I had seen it.” … Kemp’s gaffe notwithstanding, Clayton Kershaw wasn’t good today. It is worth noting that before Kemp’s miscue, Kershaw had walked Chase Utley, ;putting runners on second and third with none out in what became a three-run inning. The lefty wound up getting rocked for six runs on seven hits over four-plus. … Dodgers fall to 65-64. Snakes play later, but this team has bigger problems than the standings right now. Twelve runs in the past five games. three of them in the first two games of this series. All three of them scored on two swings, a solo homer by Ethier and a two-run shot by Russell Martin.

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  • JLS23

    try frito’s chilli cheese chips— they were the best part of my afternoon watching the game 🙁

  • Marcel

    There were runners on 1st and 2nd before Kemp lost the ball in the sun. Rollins scored on the misplay, then Howard drove in Utley and Burrell.

  • Tony Jackson

    you’re right. my brain had it right, but my fingers got it wrong

  • TeamHasHoles

    Once again… anytime you wanna start hitting the ball Nomar, you just go right ahead… it’s not like Manny’s getting pitched around or anything he’s only getting on base half the times he comes to the plate! Feel free to chime in whenever.

  • phillydodger

    once again – the team needs to shake up the lineup as follows:

    eithier (pierre)

    eithier is by far a more disciplined batter than kemp.
    russell also makes contact, doesn’t strke out much and has speed.
    kemp is the best combo of speed and power on the team
    manny would have men on base and kent would benefit with have runners for an rbi situation.

    strangely enough, i think the real problem since the trades is who to bat 8th. looks more a punishment to bat there and i think torre doesn’t like to bat the veterans (nomar or blake) down there and has even stuck loney and russell there.

    this team needs to just go out and club somebody to have a nice easy victory…how long has it been?!?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    “Ethier is a far more disciplined batter than Kemp”.

    Not exactly true.

    Kemp = 484 AB, 35 BB, .343 OBP

    Ethier = 410 AB, 38 BB, .338 OBP

    Also, Kemp’s plate discipline has gotten better as the season has progressed.

    I too would prefer that Kemp hit third, but not because he’s less disciplined than Ethier. I simply would prefer to have his power in the middle of the lineup, and his speed as close to the top of the order as possible. As for Ethier at the top of the lineup, he simply doesn’t have the speed to justify that move. At present the Dodgers do not have a true leadoff hitter w/o Furcal. I also don’t see Russell Martin as a leadoff hitter, but think he would be perfect at #2. Ivan DeJesus at Jacksonville has an over .400 OBP, but at this late stage of the season it would probably be unfair to ask him to make the jump from AA to the big leagues, especially in the midst of a pennant race. It appears to me that the a real solution to the leadoff spot will have to be addressed over the winter or in spring training, barring a miraculous return of Furcal very soon.

    As for Russell Martin, I think that long term he would benefit from a move to 3B. It’s become apparent that his work load behind the plate causes him to wear down in the second half, and there seems to be no reason to believe that that work load will ever be reduced. And there are other benefits that come from removing him from behind the plate. Catchers typically get beat up with minor nicks and bruises throughout the year, which together with the mental and physical fatigue inherent to catching, definitely affects their hitting in the second half. Russell Martin still has some speed, but if he continues to catch, that speed will deteriorate over time. Martin has demonstrated that he can handle 3B, with the potential of being excellent defensively at that position. Furthermore, having Martin move to third would effectively make him the third emergency catcher, thereby giving the Dodgers more flexibility on the bench late in games, especially extra innings games.

    My preference would be for the Dodgers to seek a catching replacement over the winter. I don’t know who, if anyone, might be available, and I certainly don’t know what the cost would be. But at the very least, I think it’s an area that needs to be explored. If the cost is too high, then we still have Russell Martin.

    By the way, one of the reasons I opposed the Casey Blake deal was the fact that the Dodgers gave away one of the better (maybe the best) catching prospects in the game, Carlos Santana, for a two month rental of Casey Blake. Santana may still be 2-3 years away, but it would have been nice to have an in-house option down the road. I know the Dodgers have A.J. Ellis at Las Vegas, and Lucas May at Jacksonville, but neither one of them excites me. Hope I’m wrong.

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Pierre Dodgers 14-4

    ethier Dodgers 5-9

    The choice is clear..crystal: win with Juan!

    Juan Pi-erre!!


    : )

  • AZShaker

    That was 5th Outfielder ladies and gentlemen…he’ll be in the lounge all week…Enjoy the lamb chops!!!

  • AZShaker

    You can’t spell JoUrneymAN without JUAN!!!

    2009, will be his 5th TEAM!!! (Nippon rejected him…too girly).

    What a true bench riding JoUrneymAN Pierre is!!!

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Aww shux, the “ethier” Dodgers lost…AGAIN. Now 5-10 with the journey ‘e’ starting – this contrasted with the sparkling 14-4 Pierre led Dodgers starting record.

    Coincidence? Not. Once or twice, maybe. Thrice or more? Hardly. Too much evidence to the contrary.

    Tell us some more of your journeyman ‘e’ tales, won’t you ‘az’?

    heh heh heh

    : o