Phillies 5, Dodgers 2

If you’re a Dodgers fan, or someone employed by the Dodgers in any way, this one stung. They could have held a 2-1 lead in the ninth, they could have scored after loading the bases with nobody out in the 10th, they could have gained a game in the standings, they could have gotten more than two runs out of their 13 hits, they could have done a lot of things, but they didn’t do any of them. And if this keeps up, in a few weeks, we’ll be saying they could have made the playoffs if they had done this, that or the other. … Joe Torre told the team after the game they don’t have to be at the park until 6 p.m. for a game that starts at 7:05. That means no batting practice. “I told them to just get dressed and play the game,” Torre said. “Hopefully, that will allow us to relax a little bit, because I think we might be putting too much pressure on ourselves.” … Failed to do my job properly tonight. In my haste to make deadline, I had to minimize the time I spent in the clubhouse, and I flat out forgot to ask Torre if he considered walking Pedro Feliz to get to Jimmy Rollins in the 11th inning. I left Joe’s office while several reporters were still in there, checked the clubhouse for available players, found none, then returned to Joe’s office. The question might have been asked while I was gone. But it never dawned on me to ask until after I got back to the press box. Anyway, Feliz had driven in the tying run with an RBI single in the ninth, and here he was at the plate with runners on second and two outs. It was a right-right matchup against Jason Johnson, and Rollins is a switch-hitter and the reigning N.L. MVP. But Rollins also has two hits in his past 25 at-bats. Anyway, Feliz homered, his 13th of the season. … Dodgers fall to 65-65. That is now the NINTH-best record in the bad National League, putting the Dodgers in the lower half of the 16-team loop even as they appear to be within striking distance in the West. They still trail the Snakes by three games. Decent chance to avoid the four-game sweep with Billingsley going tomorrow night against Brett Myers, but the Dodgers already have lost as many games on this 10-game road trip (three) as they lost on the 10-game homestand that preceded it.

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  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I thought that the Dodgers lost this game on poor pitch selection. It was apparent that Broxton was having a problem throwing his fastball for strikes, but not the slider. Pedro Feliz has never been a very good breaking ball hitter, but instead of using his slider Broxton went with fastball after fastball.

    Same goes for Jason Johnson. If memory serves me correct, Feliz hit Johnson’s first pitch, and of course it was a fastball.

    I’m probably in the minority on this blog, but I think that ultimately, assuming he stays healthy, Broxton will be a solid closer. For the most part he generally has good control, and it seems that all he lacks is a good off-speed pitch to go with his slider and fastball. If Broxton ever develops the splitter he’s been working on the past couple of years, he will be lights out. Let’s not forget that he’s still only 24, and will likely benefit from this years experience.

    As for whether or not the Dodgers win this year, quite frankly, I’m not overly concerned. When this year started I thought the Dodgers had a good chance to win the division, but failing that I thought at the very least this would turn out to be valuable development year for the young players. Unlike last year, the young players are getting more playing time. If it doesn’t work out this year, they have something to build on for next year. Call me naive, crazy, or whatever you want, but for the most part I think this has been a productive year, playoffs or no playoffs.

  • The 5th Outfielder

    The 5th Outfielder said:

    Aww shux, the “ethier” Dodgers lost…AGAIN. Now 5-10 with the journey ‘e’ starting – this contrasted with the sparkling 14-4 Pierre led Dodgers starting record.

    Coincidence? Not. Once or twice, maybe. Thrice or more? Hardly. Too much evidence to the contrary.

    Tell us some more of your journeyman ‘e’ tales, won’t you shakey ‘az’?

    heh heh heh

    : )

  • Brooklyn Dodger-Some Phillies fans I know all asked me why anybody ever throws Feliz fastballs. 😮

  • phillydodger

    I know you were under deadline, but I would have loved to know what Joe came out to tell Broxton just after he struck out Werth for the second out of the ninth inning?

    He was facing a minor leaguer just called up and three four straight balls right after Torre’s trip to the mound.

    Maybe Brooklyn Dodger isn’t worried about Broxton, but apparently the Dodgers team and staff is. Russell came out to the mound after EVERY batter in the ninth along with Torre. And this team is going into Arizona later this week?!?

    This has been a .500 team all season. Nothing more. Nothing less. If they played in the NL East or Central they may have even been sellers at trading time and working on 2009.

    This game was a snapshot of the whole season. Lack of timely hitting. Errors. Men left on base. Blown saves. Pick one. This team can do it all – esp on the road!

    PS Tony. If you get time today check out the National Constitution Center at 6th and Arch. It is a phenomenal place!

  • AZShaker

    That was 5th Outfielder ladies and gentlemen…He’ll be in the lounge all week…Enjoy the flank steak!!!

    You can’t spell JoUrneymAN without JUAN pierre!!!

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Oh no shakey ‘az’, yet ANOTHER journey ‘e’ loss for the Dodgers – just like the 5th Outfielder said – AGAIN.

    ethier Dodgers now 5-11

    Pierre Dodgers 14-4

    heh heh heh

    I’m gonna be here ALL SEASON LONG!!!

    : )

  • AZShaker

    That was 5th Outfielder ladies and gentlemen…He’ll be in the lounge all week…Enjoy the salmon!!!

  • The 5th Outfielder

    TUESDAY 8/26/08

    Another Dodger game, yet another Dodger loss – and the one constant remains the journey ‘e’, ethier. With the loss the Dodgers are now 5-12 when ethier starts, this compared to 14-4 when Juan Pierre starts…fascinating

    Cheer up shakey ‘az’, only 30 games left in the journey “e’s” Dodger career…Nippon beckons him, come home.

    : )